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Вкусная Хлебная Лепешка с Оливковым Маслом. How to Cook Torta Bread with Olive Oil Spread On It.



I prepared this tortilla, to bake bread, so that to eat it, spreading anything on it I’ll also put olive oil on this cake, so that it soaked well and the cake will be more delicious more such with taste

Like this And now in this form I will put it in the oven After half baking I will turn it over and continue to bake from the other side Here is our bread-cake ready See what an absolutely appetizing look it has

Very tasty So, here is only the dough, I use for pizza, and olive oil Not from this side, that you see, but from the bottom, because I’ve already turned it over And here are the parts that are most so browned, these are the parts, on which there was more olive oil, that is, olive oil it contributes to such kind of cooking bread, that is, such a golden crust formed precisely where there was olive oil Like this

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New Cookery Recipes
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