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Готовим БАТАТ с курицей в духовке



Ingredients for 3 servings: chicken fillet – 1 pc, sweet potatoes – 6-7 pieces, onions – 1 pc, salt and pepper to taste dried basil – 1/2 tsp, unleavened dough – optional Hi everyone! Today we will cook chicken breast with sweet potatoes And all this we will bake in a pot Wash chicken breast and cut into pieces put the slices in a bowl peel sweet potato dice young potatoes are not nescesary to peel but wash it thoroughly You can use the new kitchen sponges chop onion put onions and potatoes in a bowl chicken fillet salt pepper dired basil mix put ut in pots pots need to close You can use the lid or foil and you can use dough I use ready-made dough from the store it's unleavened dough for dumplings yeast dough can be used too roll out the dough close the pot by dough similarly close other pots bake for 40 minutes at 180 degrees

Source: Youtube

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