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Как приготовить классический бургер дома? How to cook a Burger at home?



Hello friends and guests of my channel culinary channel is prepared together with ornato today offers to cook and pick up burger at home and period it seems that the burger is easier to prepare simple but not everything is so simple and the bun is suitable far from any and short you need prepare according to special technology and assistance need to put in a certain order so that the burger is not broken and does not fall apart on the components right in your hands cook cutlets and rolls for burgers can be viewed on my channel which together with ornato or ssylochka under my video and now let's cook together buns ready already cooled now you can cut a bun into 2 halves on a warmed-up over medium heat, frying pan without oil I put halves buns with inner slices down I press down with a spatula and fry One minute see how beautiful the halves of rolls fried and purchased striped golden pattern also in a frying pan I will fry beef patties pre-thawed unfrozen and it is necessary for her to press power evenly ground and black ground pepper there is already and you insert as the tape will be just before the hottest hot grill frying pan unrefined vegetable oil with one side of the answer prisalivayu slightly and put it down fry crushed I press down to ensure that lost its shape of frying eplutus each side for four minutes I remove parchment paper little patsanwa and turn over It is considered that it is impossible to press down so how can the leaking out of the meat look worse it can be in nature on the grill at home, we better do so are devoted to your aunt chops ready it turned out juicy and completely not dry but if you do not want to press it down spatula then fry and to your liking 5-6 minutes Each side but form it can lose will be round and thick and can be not completely fried It is fried and the bun is extinguished and now can collect a burger we will make it very beautiful complement tasty ingredients classic assembly burger will start from the bottom half buns first I grease and and ketchup and then mayonnaise sauce-baked roll mystic of salad on a salad spread their tomato a salad between them will not give a bun get wet on top of a tomato place to answer and cover with melted cheese red salad bow sliced ​​with rings pickled cucumber the top half of the bun is greased mayonnaise cover the top of the burger I fix with a skewer home fast food is ready and burger prepared assembled turned out beautiful and tasty and hearty to cook and I think you will really like to subscribe to my channel arno then put a husky turn the bell and you are the first learn about my new strength recipes good before new meetings

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