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Куриные крылья на гриле. КРУТОЙ маринад! Рецепты для гриля



Hello! [laughs] Nutella I've put mustard in this miraculous bowl [laughs] [music] do I have to say anything? using grid lifter and right on it [laughs] put God, I forgot the line while the glill glill glill [laughs] [music] [music] Hello everyone! Today with you Oleg and Grili company today we're cooking grilled chicken wings first of all let's talk about the marinade to make it you'll need some spicy mustard ground black pepper chicken seasoning some chilly pepper paprika some honey and a few cloves of garlic according to tradition we will squeeze with this garlic press [music] thank's to this miracle garlic press you'll get a wasteless result I've placed mustard in the bowl like this in fact I can mix the marinade ingredients directly here adding each of them one at a time [music] for this marinade stick to the following proportion add here a few spoons of black pepper a few spoons of chicken seasoning a half of a spoon of our beloved chilli pepper and a spoon of paprika [music] and now on the top of this blend pour some honey as for the quantity I've got here nearly three spoons and mix it well [music] at the end add to the marinade some salt to taste [music] I've got here one kilo of chicken wings so the amount of marinade we've made is exactly enough [music] sure remember to mix it up well [music] I think you've guessed what it will be used for [music] now put the marinated wings in the fridge for nearly half an hour today I'll cook using portable gas grill by Broil King Porta Chef series this model has gained popularity of a large scale, I'd say thank's to its portabiulity what's the most comfortable about it is that disassembled it can fit the bag and you can carry it in one hand in fact, everybody can grill chicken wings it's too plain today I'll try to give these wings a slight smoked flavour for that, I'll use this smoker box today I'll apply cherry smoking chips don't forget to soak the wood beforehand at least for an hour [music] before placing the box in the grill wear a heat-resistant glove take the box take your grid lifter and remove the grate and just place the box like this well done [music] I'll cook chicken wings at a temperature of 200 degrees Celcius before cooking don't forget to oil the grid of your grill well [music] it will take nearly fifteen minutes to grill the wings because there's no good reason to do that longer [music] flip'em [music] it's time to take'em off the heat [music] give the wings some time to chill out and then I'll try them [music] can I just eat? they're so sweet! as you can see I've got here amazing wings I couldn't really fake these emotions subscribe to our channel follow the news press the bell to always be in touch of updates leave the titles of the dishes you'd like to be covered and performed using a grill by us in the comments today with you was Oleg and Grili company live tastefully [music]

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