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Слоёное дрожжевое тесто без возни! Супер быстро и просто!



Hello my dear friends, today as promised, I cook a quick, puff-yeast dough To start, prepare the brew! In a bowl pour 1 teaspoon of sugar, 8 grams of dry yeast and pour in 90 milliliters of water, mix everything well, cover with food film and leave for 10 minutes, to go to the boil

In 600 grams of flour add 2 teaspoons of sugar, 1 a teaspoon of salt and mix everything well Beat 1 egg into a separate bowl and beat well whisk Pour in 135 milliliters of milk and again well mix

The opara came up, opened it and added to the egg with milk and stir well again with a whisk Pour the prepared flour onto the table, add 200 grams cold, butter and slice with a knife Good hands rubbing butter with flour, we do a small indentation and in several stages we add liquid ingredients and quickly knead the dough Do not knead for a long time, as butter the butter will melt and soak into the dough and not work Yeast dough puff on us, so we knead it quickly dough We shift the finished dough onto the food film and ship it

in the fridge for 2 hours As you can see the dough has increased slightly, we get out of food film, lightly sprinkle the table with flour and roll out dough Wrap on both sides and in half, cut and here This is what makes me yeast puff pastry This dough makes very tasty pies, buns, different, any pastry, I cooked from this dough pie, I will leave a reference below the video, so that go and see Just subscribe to my channel, put your finger up, and I wish you bon appetite and cook with pleasure

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