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دیگدان و تنور- آیا میدانید کوچک چگونه آماده میشود؟ /Do You Know How to Cook Kochak?-Degdan wa Tanoor



I am in SayedKhail District of Parwan Province We are invited by a family for eating a kind food by the name of Kochak Dear Metra, This is the wheat that we have wetted already Till it absorbs the water Then will pound it By the name of God, Hi everyone I hope you are doing well and be happy wherever you are Welcome to Degda Wa Tanor Show Today I am SayedKhail district of Parwan Province indeed It is a very nice and peaceful place We are invited by a family to eat kind of food by the name of Kochak What is Kochak and how we can cook it What ingredients are needed I also don't know Let's go to their home and this is the door of their house who invited us I am knocking at the door Le'ts see who will open it Hello, How are you? Luckily, Mushtari has opened the door we are her guests today I hope we don't create inconvenience for you Her name is Mushtari Let's get inside Thanks a lot, dear Mushtari for inviting and cooking food for us Mushtari Danish is an active girl She is a very hard working girl we are proud of her She has a good attitude you are kind besides she is a hard-working girl, she is a lawyer Thanks a lot she defends women rights That is great you got a nice garden that is why still you are so young Dear Metra, you can also visit it, it is an open area we can give you a house for living here Thanks a lot We live in Kabul and when we go to such places, we lose our focus It is okay, whenever you want you can be here as our guest we will prepare local foods also, enjoy our green garden indeed, our country is a very nice place Now dear Mushtari will tell us how to cook Kochak? I didn't eat anything on the way I am telling you the truth I don't know, how they cook it? what kind of food is that dear Mushtari? Kochak is a local food of Parwan province Which is made of wheat and Pache pacha It is a bit hard to prepare but it is very delicious Is it energetic? Yes it is when it has Pache Pacha , It is energetic what should we do at first? I have already prepared some of its ingredients like wheat and vegetables and now we are going to pick up the rest of the vegetables Please help me because I am a bit lazy of course, I will I am a very hard working girl Please don't bother yourself, just tell me what should I do? we are also going to green lands I will also enjoy Let's go, dear Mushtari of course How far is your garden dear Mushtari? It is near Okay As much as far it is, I will enjoy walking in such a nice place we will be in serve I am holding the pot and going toward the garden and let's see how Mushtari get work from us Dear Mushtari, Please set here and tell me what kind of vegetable and where I will bring them all Okay? Okay I am really sorry that I can't help you What is this? It is Plum I will get one if I get sick too It is Okay Please wash it here It is plum Delicious I will start the picking off from here, just tell me what is this? Dear Metra, It is Celery Okay This one? Yes That is lettuce then will go toward the garden I am really sorry It is Okay There is the Cucumber You can get that too Should I pick them all off? Isn't it there any don? No, there is not That is great I will pick them off and tell what did I pick Friends, this is a very nice garden Looks like paradise a very nice place Friends, it is enough These are all the vegetables Mushtari asked cabbage, Celery, Onion bites and Cucumber It is a very nice garden I liked it everything was great here Now I am going toward Mushtari and let's see how she cook this food Dear Mushtari I performed the duty you asked me Thanks a lot what you got here? cabbage, Celery, Onion bites and Cucumber That is great I am impatiently waiting for the food I am a bit exhausted too to not let you get tired let's go and cook it Dear friends, now I and Mushtari are here and Mushtari will tell us the ingredients These are the ingredients Wheat, Pacha We already prepared the Pacha will add it later bean and pea onion and pepper onion and garlic Oil The rest of the ingredients are there Water condiment you didn't count on my vegetables how much I suffered to pick them all Kochak won't be eatable without Vegetables Yes We picked off the vegetable because we can't eat Kochak without vegetable Here we got water Do we use water? It is Crystal (A brand name) Water I am very thirsty though you can also have one the weather is a bit warm product of our country, proud of our country we are going to start will go friendly so that the food gets more delicious first, we wet the wheat for 2 – 3 hours to get soften then please introduce this to our friends This is called Oghor (A kind of pounder) while introducing Oghor (A kind of Pounder) we have to proceed with cooking too This is made of stone My uncle Haji Abdul Haq Khan with a tool by the name of Mete draw the line and Digg it He made it by his hands Kochak can be cooked with the help of this People who live in rural places use it more Yes They pound Shali with this what is Shali? Shali is rice Okay the local rice previously they were using this but now they use the mill Dear Metra, this is the wheat that we wetted already for 1 or 2 hours it will absorb the water then will pound it with this pounder we will pound it till the wheat peels otherwise, it won't be delicious Dear Metra, please don't just look It won't be delicious for you until you help me you mean I should help you with this let me check whether you know how to do it or not how much heavy is this stone well done I am also the daughter of this country and know how to do it Yes

You know how to do it let me check Yes It is ready I pounded it hard to get it ready as soon as possible That is great we will get it back what will we do next? We will expose it to the sun for some minutes to get it dry Will we expose it to the sun? Yes Dear Metra, It is ready now we will expose it to the sun then will go to the kitchen We will prepare other ingredients to add we will expose the wheat to the sun till it gets dry to get peeled then will go the kitchen and will make the Kochak ready Now we are in the kitchen Mushtari made the fireplace ready she put the pot on the fireplace this fireplace made our eyes tearful it is Okay Mushtari will tell us now How will we cook this? Okay Metra Jan I won't cook it Because you have to bother yourself a bit and do some sport here What is the relationship between sport and cooking? it is a kind of sport you have to cook here in front of the smoke you were doing nothing before but now you have to do some tasks You said what other friends are also saying "You are always eating" If we eat we suffer a lot of troubles It is okay if you do some tasks You wanted to tell me I have to cook? Yes OKay It is Okay I will do it no ways Yes Take it friendly It is okay We added oil and It is ready You have to add onion Okay Should I add the onion? Yes Add them Dear Mushtari, I think it is almost ready Are the onions got the honey color? Yes It got the honey color as me What should I do now? Today I will get the revenge from Metra She was eating in all previous shows but today she will cook the food now we are adding the onion and tomato now we are adding the bean This is the bean's water It was already cooked a little bit This is the pounded wheat which we put under the sun it is peeled and we add it to the pot Okay We came here to eat Kochak but she to told me to cook it as a penalty I worked a lot in the garden too I worked here as well you carried my tears too Now we add plum What is the benefit of plum to add it to the pot? It will make the food delicious and sour we added plum, now? now add salt and these flavours as needed Okay Tell me the amounts Is it enough? 1 more teaspoon Turmeric This is the salt Tell me the amount Mushtari please add less salt because when it takes the pressure to not fill the pot holes we will add some salt later what is this? this is the Dried coriander tell me how much? 2 teaspoons will be enough this is red pepper add it as much as you can eat I think it is not much spicy Turmeric It is black pepper

Add it as less as possible We are done with adding the flavors did you add Turmeric? Yes what will we do now? now we are ready we close the pot and pressure cook it for 30 minutes When the wheat is softened, we will add the Khash (Pacha) It will need 10 more minutes and it will be ready we will put these ingredients under the pressure for 30 minutes how much warm is it? Yes friends, these ingredients were under the pressure for 30 minutes now it is ready and should say well done to me you worked a lot today let's see the pot how you cooked Yes now the pot is without steam now let's see Yes It looks delicious Dear Mushtari, taste it please Yes, It is ready what should we do now? now we add the Pacha we already cooked we fried it with oil and onion now we want to add it to the pot you said this before too that you already made this Pacha ready To avoiding wasting time I am adding it to the pot mix it, please now please give some brief on Kochak for the friends short info about Kochak what kind of food is it? Kochak can be made by wheat wheat and Pacha we already told you guys the ingredients this is the local food of Parwan's people all the ingredients are local and natural we don't buy anything from the shops we use these local vegetables and local grain what should we do now? we will put for 30 minutes Again and again 30 minutes I feel really angry Because its name is Kochal (Small) but needs a lot of efforts but a very delicious and energetic food when you eat it you will know what kind of food it is in the name of god it is alright our pot became heavy and now we're gonna let it for half an hour after that we will prepare the tablecloth then you will see how SayedKhail's people eat what kind of fruits are here That is great we will wait for more 30 minutes I will eat it and will tell how it tastes and now at the garden eating in such a nice place will give a special joy this is a flower and this is also Haji saheb he helped a lot in this show Thanks, Haji saheb You are welcome thank you very much and this cute girl is also here playing we can't tell her anything our food is ready the food that we cooked with a lot of efforts I am thinkng If Kochak (means small in Dari) was big then what will happen and you cooked it in another word, we can say Mushtari is my guest this is cooked by Metra let's see how it tastes Yes Everything is here friends this is their garden's fruit plum and apricot everything is here vegetables that I picked them off from their garden here we got local yogurt also local bread now please start eating it I will also taste It is really tasty you can have beverages too cold drinks has special taste while eating Kochak You can also have I was a bit thirsty very great you can also have your beverage a very delicious food we were not familiar with its name nor its recipe It is very great that we came here and learned how to cook Kochak as we tasted it was very delicious too you also its recipe now you know the ingredients you can also prepare Kochat at home It is beneficial for your health and energetic too Thanks to all my friends special thanks to Dear Mushtari and Haji saheb Haji saheb helped a lot at the backstage thank you very much thanks for accepting our invitation after this, we will come here always we liked it a lot Sure, you can come here whenever you want and a special thanks to dear Mushtari thanks to you as well for coming here in SayedKhail Thanks to Haji saheb too for being with us and you are also most welcome please come always sure we will thanks to all SayedKhail people for their warm Hospitality and thanks to Dew for sponsoring us dear friends, this was this week's show we came here in SayedKhail province of Parwan province we introduced Kochak to you guys and thanks for watching our show watch our show always stay safe wherever you are stay healthy goodbye till our next episode

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