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كوري يحاول طهي الطعام العربي



Today, I will try to cook What kind of food? biryani Samosa And Soup Three?? The Chicken biryani , Hind made yesterday I dont know what chicken biryani is Go! Go! GoGo If I touch you, I have to wash again with sand

Go! Let's make a biryani At first, Oil Do We have to say Bismilah before we cook? I usually say this a lot Do you know this? What is this? Grape? Not grape This is lemon Why is the lemon black? This is used a lot in Arab cooking And this What? Sorry Yong laurel leaves? All right! And this? What is this? Arabic coffee

cloves? Right? And You know this, right? Peanut! What? sunflower seed? I think You're not good at cooking No No How many years have you been cooking? Since I was young? I used to like cooking Add some garlic You put garlic in Arab food? Yeah, but some people don't like garlic Finish Finish? There's not much to do She made it all by herself Is this dish done? We have to wait a little bit If the color changes, then it's done I want to make something What do you want to do? Ah! Make Samosa! Samosa? It's the hardest dish for me Especially this one! Is this Samosa? Spring roll Let's make a spring roll Like this What is this name? Samosa? Spring roll Take a good look Next Easy? Easy! Something's wrong Oh, I should have taken one off in advance! Are you making it well? I'm doing a good job Oh, I think this is good What is this! What is this??? You made this wrong

No Again

This is Shahad's I'll make it again Why? too much? I'm going to put it in oil later Isn't it too little? It is too much than first Like this Like this, Like this

Where are you going? It's nice here! It looks so weird I think it is pretty So fat! No

! This has to be tight I understood How about that? Excellent? Yeah! I made that Excellent? It's the best! It's so pretty! It is very easy Let's make a soup This is Saudi traditional soup in Ramadan Finish! like this Next We need to put lamb Wow! Lamb! Saudis seem to eat a lot of lamb We love it How does this turn into soup? Done

like this And then I will put water in and I will put this in Oh Can I open this? What is this? This much? No, More Stop!! How much? No!!! Okay Stop

What should I put in now? After 5 minutes, just add water and it's over! Saudi rice Did you buy this guy in Saudi? Korean puppy? Does he understand Korean? Come on, Choco (Korean) Come on, Choco (Arabic) Snacks! 'Snack' was the answer Warm water Done We'll put this in after 20 minutes I'm here to cook But, There's not much to do Thankfully, Hind made several in advance I made a mistake!!! I made the wrong soup! I didn't put in tomatoes!! I'm surprised Oh no

I forgot Let's put it in now It's the same thing as put into a stomach anyway What if it doesn't taste good? The color is so weird What is this? hhhhhh Do I have to make it again? No! It will be okay This color looks so delicious No, It is really screwed It won't taste good But it'll be delicious with this ShaSaffron? Let's make a Samosa You have to do it right I don't think we'll be able to Iftar today No, We can eat I will show you guys Oh~ You did a good job cinnamon powder cumin powder If you don't add cilantro, it's not Samosa How does it taste? Oh, You can't eat Wait I have a question How do you season it when you fast? Oh, usually after a little taste, I spit it out again But I make food without tasting it It's characteristic of a person who can't cook I'm going to make this food again quickly You make Samosa Challenge! Is this wrong? Slowly Are you making it well? Yes~ I'll try to make Samosa with Korean style There is a similar food in Korea Chinese style Oh, this is how you put it in the oil What I made looks the most delicious Is this new soup? Why isn't the oil hot? Shouldn't we heat up the oil? She was cooking with the stove off Rice samosa Don't try this Why does it look so not delicious? It will be okay, Because Yong will eat this all Who? You (At the same time) Me? Did you make this yourself? Hind & Shahad Thank you for the delicious meal!

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New Cookery Recipes
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