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ऐसे बनाये पहेली बार बिरयानी में ज़ायकेदार बिरयानी | Chicken biryani recipe in Hindi | biryani recipe



Hello friends, I am pooja, welcome you to my channel Cooking with Pooja This is my very first video, And I am going to share How to make Chicken Biryani I am very much simplified the way of making it That you could make the Delicious Biryani without using complex process You will certainly enjoy it

Lets start making biryani Let check out what all we need to make supper yummy biryani I am going to make Biryani for 4 People If you wish to make it for lessor or more peopleuse the chicken, rice and spices accordingly

I have take 1/2 kg chicken I have taken Indian Golden Sella rice I am using Dobule chabi (Key) brand's rice 250gm Yogurt or say Curd 4 Onion long cut 4 Onion medium cut and 4 tea spoon ginger garlic paste 1 teaspoon red chilli powder 2 teaspoon chicken masala 1 teaspoon turmeric powder, 1 teaspoon coriander powder and slat as per taste Green Coriander for Garnishing and 4 red tomatoes chopped 1 tea spoon cooking oil, I am using refined oil here, and 3 tea spoon mustard oil And two food colors 5 to 6 Green Cardamom, a little Cinnamon 2-3 bay leaf, 2 black Cardamom and 1 teaspoon cumin seeds A few Cloves and small teaspoon of black pepper One lemon, and Kewra water frangnace Now lets first marinate the chicken, By adding yogurt to it Now lets add one teaspoon ginger garlic paste 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon coriander powder A little turmeric powder One teaspoon chicken powder 1 teaspoon red chili powder A little cumin seeds and 2-3 cloves Now lets mix it very well now lets add lemon juice as well Now lets mix it And we will keep it aside for 1-2 hours for marinating I have washed the rice and rinse it Now lets add

refined oil in the Cudahy And let it get hot Oil is ready now lets add cumin seeds Bay Leaf Cloves and black peppers Green and black cardamoms Cinnamom Lets roast all these Everything is roasted now lets add rice to it And we will mix it well We will mix it like this for 1-2 mins and the add water it is 2-3 mins mixing itnow lets add salt Now lets add 1

5 ltr of water, We need to add water Once the first boil is comewe will let it cook on simmer you can see it is going to boil Now we will cover it and let it cook, we will just cook the rice upto 70-80% Our chicken is marinated for 1 hour Now let add mustard oil to the handi (Pot) Now we will let the oil hot, and we will ad onions We will fry it well now lets add remaining ginger garlic paste Now keep mixing it till it is fried very well We need to mix it well as ginger garlic paste get sticks to base Now lets check our rice Aroma is really so pleasant, let it cook a little more Onions are fried now lets add tomatoes And let it cook a little that tomatoes get soften now tomatoes are soft and cooked Now lets add the chicken powder Coriander powder And add the red chili powder as per your taste And lets also add the turmeric powder One teaspoon salt Let simmer the gas that our spices do not get burned And we will ad a little water We will not over cook it Our spices are cooked and ready And spices has released the oil it is a indication that spices are done Now our chicken will cook along with these spices Now, you can see it is boiling a little, Now we will cover it And let it cook for 10-15 mins on simmer We must not fully cook the chicken, it should be 70-80% cooked only Now lets check the rice Golden sella rice takes longer to get cooked But these rices cook very beautiful And we will crush the remaining Black pepper and add it we will keep mixing it in between See the rice is cooked to desired cooking point we will turn off the gas , and we will not drain out the water Let the rices rest in the water It will get a little more cooked here are the long sliced onions to fry We have taken a kadhai and boil the oil Oil is perfectly boiled I have already boiled it to save the time now lets add the onions we will fry the onions to golden brown Our onions are golden brown, now lets take them out and let them cool down here are the rices we left in the water Now it time to drain out the water rice are not fully done

now rice will cook along with the chicken now lets take out the all the spices like bay leaf and black cardamom It is giving a pleasant aroma, spices really adds fragrance to rice It has been 15-20 minutes and gravy is little thicken and chicken is 70-80 % done now we will do the layering of the ricewe will ad a little coriander leaf We have kept the rice ready and drained out the water We need not to dry the chicken gravyit will help rice to cook fully We will do the layering like this We have done the rice layeringnow lets add the food color I am adding red orange color Now lets do the second layring Rices are now done with second layer Now lets add some more food colorit helps rice looks so beautiful And on other side we will add yellow color And we will add coriander leaves And now we will add crispy fried onions, we had fried earlier Now I am going to add Kewra water

it will give a very pleasant aroma Now we will cover it and bake it on high flame for 2 mins Now cook it again on simmer for 20 mins I am not sealing it with doughas our rice and chicken are already 80% done after 20 mins, turn of the gas Now do not open the lid

let it rest this 10-15 mins We cooked it for 20 mins on simmer and then left it covered for 15 mins Now lets open the lidsee how beautiful the biryani came out Now we will serve itPlease do not forget to subscribe to my channel 🙂 See the vibrancy of the rice colors Now lets Garnish it with the fried onions And lets also garnish with the green coriander If your really liked my recipeplease like it share itand subscribe to my channel Thank you so much for watching See you soon

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