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कढ़ाई में बनायें Homemade Eggless DONUTS – Kids Special Recipe| CookWithNisha



We all like Donuts these are easily available in metro cities but difficult to find in small cities and they are too expensive if available So today I'll make you learn how you can make Donuts with the basic ingredients available at home hit the LIKE button if you like this recipe also SUBSCRIBE to my channel 'CookWithNisha" so lets get started for preparing dough take 1 cup White flour (Maida) then add 1/2 cup of powdered sugar 1/2 tsp of baking powder 1 tsp of Baking soda mix them well add 2 tbsp of oil to moisten the dough or you can melted butter now knead its dough with this homemade curd keep this curd at room temperature as we make eggless donuts & even without using yeast so this curd makes donuts so soft and spongy knead the dough soft if you feel it dry you can knead it with milk too dough is ready now tuck this dough towards inside like this for creating air bubbles now cover and allow it to set for 1 hour after that knead it again adding a bit more oil after that make divide it into two equal halves then make two balls now we make donuts with these balls add some dry flour on the working place this make easy to roll and cut donuts now spread this ball with the help of a roller try to keep it little thick you can see its thickness here now we'll cut donuts I am using this glass and lid to give that donut shape or you can use any sharp edged rounded utensil after making a cut slightly move the glass left & right this makes easy to separate donuts here I've cut four donuts now make donut's centre hole using this bottle's lid now remove this extra portion & mix it in other ball and likewise prepare all the donuts we've get that perfect shape even without using that donut cutter now heat the oil in a pan to fry the donuts check whether oil is heated or not now fry these donuts here I am frying three donuts at a time flip them when they floats upward keep the gas flame at medium mode fry them till they turns brown from both sides here donuts turned brown take out and keep them on a tissue paper likewise fry all the donuts how crunch and fluffy these are now we prepare chocolate icing or ganache for these donuts with the double boiling method melt the butter first then add dark chocolate and allow it to melt chocolate icing is ready after it got melted now melt white chocolate with the same double boiler method now we do donuts layering with this chocolate sauce so dip the donuts in the chocolate sauce here you can see the yummy donuts you can do the coating with honey or with powdered sugar donuts are ready to eat so that was yummy Dunkin donuts so try these donuts for your kids and share their feedback with me so will see you in my next video till then

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