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गावरान चिकन – Gavran Chicken Recipe In Marathi – Maharashtrian Chicken Curry Recipe – Archana



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Hello Welcome to Ruchkar Mejwani with Archana When we say Gavran chicken (Country chicken) We feel, "Oh God what all to add in this and what not" But I'm going to show you a very easy Country Chicken

We will start with the oil Here I'm taking 3 tbsp oil Let the oil heat and then I'm going add in some coriander leaves Now we will add some coriander leaves Here I've taken a puree

And in this puree I've taken 1 onion 2 Tomatoes 7 to 8 peppercorns 1 small rock flower And ginger and garlic, around 8 to 10 garlic cloves and half inch ginger

And this we will now add it to the oil Here I've taken another puree in which I've added Coriander leaves and green chilli Now cook this well till the nice aroma releases

Nice aroma has released Now in this we will add half kilo chicken And 1 tablespoon mix spices As it is country chicken it has to get little spicy and sizzling Salt as per taste

Now if you want to add coconut to it then you have to roast it and add Now cook this well Add some water Mix it well Now cover this with a lid and wait till the chicken cooks

Let's check whether it's done Chicken is cooked Nice aroma is released I'll ask someone to get bhakris now, I'll remove this in a bowl And some coriander leaves

Country chicken is ready Country chicken is ready and that too of my style You have to try this and it's not too spicy it's normal Everyone can eat this therefore definitely make this and tell me And yes Like, Share and Subscribe to Ruchkar Mejwani

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