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घरच्या साहित्यात बनवा लापशी | मराठी उखाणा, ओळखा पाहू | Lapshi Recipe | MadhurasRecipe | Ep – 457



Hello, I am Madhura and welcome to MadhurasRecipe Marathi We are making dasara special sweet recipe today So far we have see how to make shrikhand, different types of kheer, We have seen lot many sweet recipes

Today we are making an authentic traditioanl recipe that is lapsi There were many requests for lapsi recipe We will make lapsi or base first Then we will see how to make kheer using that base or lapsi If you are following me on youtube community Then I had posted on Monday that lot many thanks for your responce for my book

We won't wait on book only, We are launching our own madhurasrecipe's product I am very much excited to launch that product For that we will be organising a quiz A very small, very easy & simple quiz The one who will win this quiz That person will get a copy of book & the new product that we are launching in the market too

The product that we are launching is assal Marathmola, traditional So it is hidden under our traditional feta I will launch it nice & surprisingly Will show you all But before that you all have to guess

3 winners will be selected form the correct guesses This is a small puzzle or we can call it a riddle Listen now या फेट्याखाली दडलंय काय, या फेट्याखाली दडलंय काय ओळखा पाहू मधुराकडे, खमंग असं गुपित आहे तरी काय!! याच्या नुसत्या असण्यानेही किचन लागतं डोलायला, याच्या नुसत्या असण्यानेही किचन लागतं डोलायला हे नसेल किचनमध्ये तर चवच नाही लागत कशाला याचा अस्सल स्वाद नि रंग दरवळत राहील सदैव तुमच्या किचनसंगं

तर असं हे धमाल सरप्राईझ मी लवकरच शेअर करणार आहे तुम्हा सर्वांसंगं तर ओळखा तात्या, ओळखा माई ओळखा दादा ओळखा ताई या फेट्याखाली दडलंय काय!! Do reply me Mention in the comment box below that what's this product? We will select 3 lucky winners form them Let's turn towards the recipe

We are making lapsi Turn on the gas I am making it directly in cooker, As daliya takes a little longer to cook So directly in the cooker Add 4 tsp ghee in cooker

When ghee heats up a little then we will add other ingredients Ghee is a little hot Add few chopped cashew nuts, few chopped almonds, chopped fresh coconut, And 1/2 cup daliya You can wash daliya if you want But I am using directly

There are 2 types of daliya One is very fine variety Do not use that Lapsi made from it doesn't taste good at all Use medium consistency, a little coarse rava

Fry everything well in ghee well for about 4-5 minutes Are you there? It is there Here only It feels as if someone tatya is sitting here

I have fried daliya on medium heat for about 4-5 minutes It has got light golden color Add hot water in this now Do not add cold water Daliya is hot, if you add cold water in it Then it won't puff up

It will be a little dry To avoid that in hot daliya, You make sheera, lapsi or anything Let it be any hot ingredient even curry When we fry hot ingredient Always hot water should be added in it We have taken 1/2 cup lapsi rava

Add 1 1/2 cup water in it If you add a little more water still no problem Anyways as it gets cooked it gets dry Close the lid & cook on medium heat until 3 whistles I have cooked until 2 whistles on medium heat

Let's check daliya now It has nicely puffed up & also cooked well These are nice & soft This seems a little dry Turn on the gas

I am adding 1 cup more hot water in it As I told you as time passes it begins to thicken up So I am adding water Losen it now I am adding 1/2 cup shredded gudh for 1/2 cup daliya & mix well

When gudh melts peoperly Cook the lapsi for more 4-5 minutes Gudh has melted well It is absorbed well in lapsi What to do now is turn off the gas & add cardamom powder You can add nut meg powder too

About 1/2 tsp cardamom powder & a pinch of dried ginger powder You can add nut meg in place of dried ginger powder Mix well & basic lapsi means lapsi rava is ready You can serve this as it is hot or cold too If you want daliya kheer then in that case You can add milk in this

Make sure to add hot milk As we have added gudh There are more chances that milk may get spoilt due to gudh So add hot milk in hot lapsi And you can serve it Nice flavor

This is nice & healthy recipe Gudh contains heat so special in winter It is good to have gudh Also daliya contains more fibre Do try it for this Vijaya dashami

This is our a little different traditional recipe Do try & don't forget to send the photos to me Do not forget to subscribe too Do not forget to mention what is hidden in this feta in the comment box below We will be declaring 3 lucky draws

3 winners will get the product under this feta + a copy of recipe book So drop comments quickly Thank you very much for watching my recipe Let's meet again with such nice recipe Till then, keep smiling, be happy and keep on eating

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