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झटपट बन जाने वाले प्याज के चटपटे पराठे | Onion Paratha Recipe | Pyaaj Ke Parathe



Hello everyone, myself Beena and you are welcome to my channel Tangy Kitchen Today we will make Onion Paratha stuffed onion paratha is very delicious in taste it can be served with pickle lets start making onion paratha INGREDIENTS WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR – 1 CUP ONION – 3 FINELY CHOPPED CORIANDER LEAVES – 2 TBSP CHOPPED SALT TO TASTE GREEN CHILLY – 1 CHOPPED RED CHILLY POWDER – 1/2 TSP CHAAT MASALA – 1 TSP PINCH OF ASAFEATIDA OIL AS NEEDED First prepare dough for paratha Take wheat flour in a big bowl add 1 sbsp of oil add salt to taste mix well Knead dough soft like roti Add little water and knead dough Knead to make smooth dough so that stuffing doesn't come out Dough is ready now like roti Add 1- tsp oil and knead for 2 to 3 minutes So that it will become smooth Keep for 10 minutes Meanwhile prepare stuffing Take a big bowl and add onion Add salt to taste Add red chilly powder Add chaat masala Add green chilly Add coriander leaves Add salt to taste Mix well Add pinch of aesafetida Stuffing is ready now Take dough and make equal parts and give peda shape Take a peda and dust with flour Roll it with rolling pin Make roti Put it into a plate Take another peda and dust with flour Make roti Put stuffing with2 – tbsp spoon and spread it with spoon Cover it with another roti Press it from corners Dust it with flour from top side Roll it with rolling pin remove excess flour paratha is rolled prepare rest of parath in same way put tawa on gas with high flame when it is hot, put paratha over it check and flip it when brown spots are formed check from other side flip it when brown spots are formec apply little oil over it and spread with help of flat spoon flip it and apply littl oil press little with flat spoon keep flipping fry till it become crispy with brown spots paratha is ready from both sides transfer it to serving plate prepare another paratha put stuffing on roti spread it put another over it press it from border so that stuffing is blocked press it and roll with rolling pin put it over tawa for fry fry till it become crisp with brown spots from both sides all parathas are ready and served you can serve with curd / pickle you sure try this recipe at home and share your experience with me in comment below if you like my video then give LIKE SHARE with your friends SUBSCRIBE my channel so that you can watch my upcoming videos will meet you again with new recipe, see you for now Thank you


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