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तरबूज के छिलके से बनी मिठाई | watermelon rind dessert | watermelon rind recipe | Watermelon dessert



Hello friends, Today's recipe is watermelon rind dessert It is also known as tarbuj ke chilke ki recipe

Let's start without wasting any time Hello, I am Nishtha, Welcome to Foodivity 6 Watermelon rind, wash it first These should be in the shape as shown in the video Cut the thin strips like this

In one rind, we can make two strips We'll dip these strips in water Strips are ready Please subscribe to our channel in case you have not done it yet Also, press the bell icon for recipe notifications

2 cup of water Boil the strips for 10 mins Make sure the flame is medium After 10 min, these will be close to transparent If you'll pick it, it will get fold automatically like this Turn off the flame

Add 1 cup sugar in another pan 1- 15 cup water Heat it on medium flame When Sugar get dissolved, add 1/2 tsp cardamom powder Mix it Add boiled Watermelon rind layers in it

For the tempting look, add 1/2 pinch food color I have used green one, you can choose yours Make sure the heat is medium, else it could be possible that you'll get some sugar crystals in end results After some time, layers will turn in green Turn off the flame

Keep the layers in it till cool down completely Friends, if you are enjoying this video, please hit the like button below to support us Let's prepare the stuffing 3/4 cup desiccated coconut powder Heat it until it turns into golden brown Turn off the flame and add 1/2 cup powdered sugar If you don't have powdered sugar, grind sugar crystals and make a fine powder

Mix it very well Add some chopped dry fruits I chopped them very well 1/2 tsp Fennel (Saunf) powder Mix it very well At this place, mixing is very important for uniform taste

Add 2 Tbsp milk for binding Mix it Milk quantity can vary but make sure the binding is good in the mixture You can see, the binding is good watermelon rind dessert's stuffing is ready

Friends, if you love small recipe videos, please subscribe to our channel And hit the bell icon for recipe notifications 8-10 cloves (laung) watermelon rind strips are completely cold take one watermelon rind strip Prepare a small ball of the stuffing Put it on the strip Now roll it like this as shown in the video Watch it carefully

Take a clove Pin it like this Set the stuffing using figures Have a look, our one bite is ready Similarly, we'll do it on other strips Roll it & pin the clove in it

Watermelon rind dessert is ready If you like watermelon rind recipe, please hit the like button below Please leave a comment for the feedback If you don't want to waste time & wanted to watch small recipe videos, don't forget to subscribe to our channel Also, press the bell icon for new recipe videos

so that you'll not miss upcoming recipe videos See you in the next video Till then, Jai Hind, Jai Bharat

Source: Youtube

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