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ताजे नारियल की बर्फी | Fresh Coconut Burfi Recipe | Fresh Coconut Fudge



Namaskar Welcome to nishamadhulikacom Today we will be making Fresh Coconut Barfi It requires only a few ingredients and is quick and easy to prepare It is also very tasty Come, let us start preparing the barfi To prepare this barfi, take 2 fresh coconuts Remove the husk till you have dry coconuts Peel them Remove the softer brown skin using a peeler or a knife We have peeled the brown skin

We are left with the white part of the coconuts Wash them And grate them Grate both coconuts in the same way We have grated both coconuts We will now grind them Grind the grated coconuts to prepare a coarsely ground powder Grind for about 5 to 10 seconds and check Desired coconut powder is ready If the grated coconuts are ground for a longer period, the result will be a paste We have prepared the coconut powder, now we will proceed to make the barfi Preheat a pan Add 2 tablespoons of ghee in it and melt it Measure and add desiccated coconut Add two cups of it Roast it while continuously stirring it on a medium flame We have roasted it for 5 minutes It smells very fragnant Add the condensed milk Let this cook and keep stirring continuously We will allow it to reach a thick consistency If you prefer to have less sugar, reduce the amount of condensed milk You can alternatively use milk powder or sugar powder Or you can mix mawa and sugar powder and use it The mixture appears thick Add cardamom powder to it and mix it properly Switch off the flame and let it set Take a plate and spread some ghee on it to make it greasy Pour the mixture on the plate Spread the mixture evenly on the plate Garnish it with chopped pistachios Press them onto the mixture softly by using a spatula Mark lines on the poured mixture to cut the pieces You can mark the lines according to the size of the barfi piece you desire Allow the barfi to set and then separate the pieces The barfi has cooled down and has now set To remove the pieces easily from the plate, heat the bottom of the plate slightly Heat it only for 5 to 10 seconds Fresh Coconut Barfi is ready to be served It can be prepared very quickly and is absolutely tasty Be careful and Stir continuously while cooking so that it does not burn from the bottom Cook until it has a thick consistency And then allow it to set Flavourful Barfis will be ready This barfi can be stored in the refrigerator and can be consumed within 7-8 days of prepartion So cook it and relish it Share your experience on nishamadhulika

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