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नारळाचे लाडू – Chocolate Coconut Laddu Recipe In Marathi – Easy Sweet Recipe – Rakshabandan Special


[UltraVid id=542 ]Subscribe to Ruchkar Mejwani and click on the bell icon. When you click on the bell icon you will get all the updates from Ruchkar Mejwani. Rakshabandhan is a favorite festival of all the sisters. Do you know why? Because, we get lots of gifts from our brothers. And, the laddoos that I am going to show you today are made for sure. So, let’s make ‘Chocolate Coconut Laddoo’ today. So, let’ start making the laddoos. For that I have taken cream. This is 1\4th cup cream. We have to heat it but do not boil it. When you see that it is heated slightly. That is enough. We have to heat it this much only. Next, we have to take white chocolate. We have grated the chocolate. I have taken 1 cup chocolate. Let’s mix this nicely. We have to melt the chocolate. The chocolate has melted. We will be adding desiccated coconut in this. Desiccated coconut means grated coconut. I have taken 1\2 cup and 2 tbsp more. Let’s mix it. This is mixed. Let’s switch off the stove and add 1 tsp vanilla essence. Let’s mix it again. As the mixture starts cooling down it starts getting thick. And we need the mixture to be thick to make the laddoos. So, let’s remove it in the bowl and keep it aside so that it becomes thick. So, our mixture has cooled down. Let’s start making the laddoos. I am going to take a little mixture. And, we will be making small laddoos. I am going to add 1 almond in the centre. And, this white laddoo looks really simple. So, I am going to make it colorful now. I have taken desiccated coconut in 3 plates. And I have added powder color in them. They look really good. So, let’s roll these laddoos this way. One is ready. Let’s make the second laddoo similarly. Let’s make the laddoo of the third color. Let’s take some mixture. Add an almond in it. Make the laddoo and roll it in the powder. And our laddoos are ready. Let’s decorate this with pistachios. Our ‘Chocolate Coconut Laddoos’ are ready. This ‘Rakshabandhan’ surely make these laddoos and make your brothers eat them. They will be really happy. And, like share and subscribe to Ruchkar Mejwani. And, Happy Rakshabandhan to all of you.

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