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पारदर्शी मोमोज कैसे बनाते हैं? How to Cook Transparent and Tasty Veg Momos



Hello I am Seema Kaushik Going to tell you recipe of transparent veg momos These momos are very tasty So let go for this recipe 1 Cup All Purpose Flour , Sieve it swich on the burner take some water to boil When water is boiled switch off the gas flame add 1/4 teaspoon common salt Mix hot water to knead a smooth dough Be Careful water is hot so if you use your hand to knead dough then it is dangerous So use a tablespoon to knead this dough do not add more water add only needed water for smooth dough after adding water you can knead dough by your hands Add a little bit of edible oil you can use any edible oil I use refined oil for this Now our dough is ready Please use only hot boiling water for making this dough knead dough with boiling water is the main tip to make moms transparent Rest the dough for 20 minutes Cover it for rest take some green peas One Big Green Chilly (in India Known as Jaipuri Mirach or Shimla Mirch) You can use normal green Chilly Green Onions Tomatos Green Chilly Carrot Coriander's leaves wash vegetables Cut them Remove Yellow Portion of Carrot Continue Cutting Vegetables Continue Cutting Vegetables Remove Skin of Green Onions Take a Cloth Piece Sieve extra water of tomatoes through this cloth piece take some tomato's in an another pot Mix Tomato Juice in these pieces Take half tablespoon oil on the stove add cumin seeds Add Green Chilies add carrots low the flame add green onions add green peas full the flame add 1/4 tsp or according to taste salt add turmeric powder 1/4 tsp add red chilly powder add coriander powder before adding these low the flame 1/4 tsp garam masala (hot spice mix) use garam masala add hot water cover it remove lid check all water is vaporized check the peas for proper cook peas are cooked switch off the stove mix in tomato add coriander leaves over dough is ready take some oil prepare the dough divide dough in 2 pice make bolls take one boll and stuff it with stuffing before stuffing apply some water on corners remember to make a thin sheet apply water on corners and fill stuffing we prepare all raw momos take a sieve on a boiling water pot, remember to use steel sieve on pot you can use gas burner stand for fixing sieve over boiling water apply some oil over the sieve cover it and high the flame now we prepare red chutney cook the momos until they become transparent Ower transparent momos is now cooked Thank you for watching main tips- use boiling water to knead dough, and make thin sheet Please like my video and subscribe my channel regards

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