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You are most welcome in the channel Meera Gupta Indian recipes Today we will make Bengali Chhena Rasgulla

You can note down its ingredients from the description box of this video Bengali sweet chenna Rasgullas are very tasty to eat Everyone likes this Keeping a few tips in mind, these Rasgullas become very good Its content are as follows

Fresh cow milk or toned milk 1 litre Sugar 1-1/2 Cup Rose water 1 spoon White vinegar 2 tablespoons Now we will boil the milk Put the milk in a pan and put it on the gas Now the gas will burn Boil the milk on full sim The milk will continue to stir in between, so that it does not burn

As long as the milk gets boiled, in this way we will put a screener over a big bowl Put fine cloth on top of it The milk has boiled Will close the gas Now for a little cooling of milk, add a cup of Normal water to it

With this, the hot milk will be cooled up to 20 percent, which is 80 percent warm Put a white vinegar in a bowl and add the same quantity of water This milk can also disintegrate from Lime Juice too Now the milk will disintegrate the milk by pouring the vinegar mix water In this way, white vinegar will pour a little bit in warm milk from a spoon and keep stirring it until it disintegrates

And when it is completely disintegrate, stop pouring of white vinegar mix water The milk has been disintegrate Green water has also started to appear and the chenna has started appearing separately Now we will filter it by putting it in the cloth To filter this way, we will take it on fine clothes

Add a glass of chilled water to it and stir it, so that vinegar water separates from the chenna well If this chenna is too hot, then it will not be soft and become hard Now let's squeeze it in such a way that its water is completely drained We have press with light hands with limited press We have to hang out for an hour like this and then press it after the interval to remove the rest of water from chenna

Do not throw the filtered water Put it in any gravy vegetable We will also make dough too, which produces good chapatties The water of the chenna has been filtered, now we will take it on a plate Before fine crush of the chenna we will prepare sugar syrup Put sugar in a pan, add water 4 times the amount of sugar

Now it will boil until sugar dissolves Now crush the chenna in a wide plate This chenna is soft and it does not even have water We will fine crush it properly It takes about 3-4 minutes

After finishing the crush, this chenna will be soft in this way Now round balls of its equal size will be made in this way There should be no crack on the surface of round balls In this way complete the chenna round balls Round balls of chenna have been made, then they will be cooked in hot sugar syrup

We will pour the round balls of chenna one by one after certain interval in to sugar syrup so that boiling of sugar syrup may not reduce The larger the round balls, the double size will be ready Small size can be made of any size Do not stir after pouring the chenna balls in a sugar syrup Now cover this pen for 10 minutes

Keep in mind and watch the sugar syrup, its boiling should not be reduce 10 minutes have taken place, now we will open the lid We will stir it 2-3 minutes with light hands These Rasgullas have grown very large Now we will more cook for 2-3 minutes and stop the gas

Now Rasgullas has cooked completely We will shut the gas Rasgullas will remain in the sugar syrup and keep it for another 15 minutes After 15 minutes Rasgullas become light cool now they will take them out in the big bowl Put Rose water on top of these Rasgullas

Mix it well and smell good fragrance After cooling it, keep it in refrigerator for 2 hours This Rasgullas has become quite spongy in this way Tasty chenna Rasgullas are ready to serve Allow Rasgullas to remain in sugar syrup

Keeping it in the fridge it can good enough to be eaten for 10 to 15 days “Hope you will like this video, Please like, share & subscribe our channel and Do not forget to click the bell Ikon…… So that you may not be deprive to see the notification of our upcoming new videos on Indian Recipes Also watch the Play list of our channel which are displayed at the end of this videos “Thank You for watching this video …धन्यवाद |” “Thank You for watching this video …धन्यवाद |”

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