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बच्चों की पसंदीदा Lunch Box Recipes जो वह पूरा खा के आये | School Tiffin Box Recipes | CookWithNisha



Today I am going to share with you 3 simple easy & healthy tiffin box recipes if you like these recipes hit on that LIKE button also do subscribe to my channel by clicking on that red subscribe button so lets get started first we cook stuffed paneer kulcha for that first heat the oil in a pan add cumin seeds once oil is heated add fine chopped green chillies one small chopped onion fry it until it turns slightly pink it takes around 1 minute now add chopped tomato mix them well now add salt as per taste turmeric & corriander powder now cook until they release the oil and it takes around 2 to 3 minutes now add mashed paneer in this Paneer is a good source of protein as it helps in growth & build muscles also it contains calcium, vitamin & phosphorus which is essential for the growth of bones, teeth & brain add garam masala & coriander leaves to make stuffing more delicious mix them well & here's stuffing is ready so turn off the gas flame now we fill these stuffings in these these kulcha are easily available in the market now apply this tomato ketchup on it can also apply green sauce (chutney) instead of this now spread that prepared stuffing on it now cover this with another kulcha now roast them so spread some butter on a pan now place the stuffed kulcha on it & cook well from both the sides it takes around half a minute now flip it stuffed kulcha are ready My daughter Anantya likes these kulcha I am sure your kids too would like these stuffed paneer kulcha so can pack this with muffins or with fruits second recipe is vegetable sandwich so we need bread slice here I've taken brown bread you can also use white bread or multi grain bread instead of these apply a butter layer on first slice now place cucumber slices on it this way now apply green sauce over it always apply this sauce over the cucumber so that bread doesn't get soggy now put tomato slices like this now put another bread slice over it and apply a tomato ketchup layer again put some cucumber slices or you can add some other veggies according to your kids choice like capsicum or cabbage now put cheese slice over this now cover this cheese slice with another bread slice press them slightly apply a butter layer over the bread these get evenly cooked if we apply butter heat a pan place the bread from the side where we applied butter again spread the butter on other side as well it gets cooked from the lower side in one minute flip and cook it from the other side as well this sandwich bread is ready serve this with dry fruits or chips you kids would love this recipe & third tiffin recipe is Aloo cheela peel off two medium sized Potato & grate them with the help of a grater grate it from the side having small holes as this gets easily cooked add water in this As potato contains starch so first wash it well and leave it for about five minutes strain the water after five minutes again wash it with clean water squeeze them well to release the extra water now add corn flour & gram flour in it corn flour works as a binding agent here you can skip it if you want now add fine chopped chillies & coriander leaves also you can add chopped onion or capsicum if you want these are optional for spices we add salt, turmeric, red chillie powder and black pepper now mix them well no need to add water this time if you want add water in little quantity so bater is ready here now we prepare cheela with this so spread butter or ghee on a pan spread the bater once the oil gets heated & let it to cook it takes around 2 minutes on a medium flame now flip it and allow it to cook from the other side as well so this aloo cheela are ready here pack this in your kids tiffin box so these was the three lunch box recipes try out these recipes once am sure your kid would like these recipes will see you in my next video

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