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बदाम मिल्कशेक – Badam Milkshake Recipe In Marathi – How To Make Almond Milkshake – Archana Arte



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After having food we ie children and few people from building go for a walk And when we go we have kulfi or ice-cream But nowadays we get very good Badam (Almond) milkshake on the cart

As I liked it a lot so I tried making it at home So today I thought of sharing it with you too So, today's recipe is Badam milkshake Let's start Here I've taken half litre of milk

Save a little out of it You have to boil the milk and here I've taken around 25 grams of almonds So it's like 30 to 35 almonds Which I have soaked in water and peeled out it's skin already Now we will grind this almonds in mixer

To this we will add some milk And now let's grind this Let's see if it is done Paste is ready Milk has boiled now we have to add sugar to it

Add sugar as per your taste I'm adding around 4 spoons of it If needed then add again We have to melt the sugar Let it come to a boil

Here we have taken almond pieces, so we will add that Finely chopped almonds To this we will add almond's paste We have to mix it well Add kesar (saffron) to it

Just a pinch of it Let it boil well You have to make it a little thick not much Now we have to wait for 10 minutes I mean boil it and let it get thick, let the milk lessen a little

So, let's wait It is boiled well and thicken It will turn more thick when cooled So we have to wait for it to cool And then later serve it in glass and garnish it with almonds

So now remember that don't drink Badam Milkshake outside Make it at home And also let me know And for more such recipes Like, share and subscribe to Ruchkar mejwani

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