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बेसन की बर्फी बनाने का आसान तरीका – Besan Barfi Recipe in Hindi – Raksha Bandhan Special Sweets



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Namaskar! Welcome to Swaad Anusaar On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan,today I will share with you one home made sweet recipe And that is Besan ki Barfi (Gram flour sweets) So let's make Besan Ki Barfi To make Besan ki Barfi, we will first take half a cup of ghee (clarified butter)

Heat the ghee properly Ghee is heated now to this we will add 1 bowl of besan (gram flour) Cook it well We will keep the flame low Now we will add 1/4th cup of rawa (Semolina)

On a low flame, we will cook the besan We will keep stirring it till it changes it's colour to golden brown And take care that we have to cook this only on a low flame Or else besan will stay raw 10 minutes are up and our besan has nicely cooked

And it is smelling so good Now we will add little charoli (Buchanania lanzan) to it Some cardamom powder Mix it well And now to this, we will add sugar

I have used powdered sugar here After adding sugar we will cook this for 2-3 minutes more so sugar gets cooked For 1 cup besan add 1 cup sugar If you want to add more or less sugar then you can do that too As some people like it more sweet while some likes less

Now we will turn off the gas and set this in a plate First of all we will apply some ghee This helps in removing the barfi easily after it is set Now let's garnish this with some almonds Some pistachio

We will keep this in a room temperature for 4 hours, so that it sets nicely But if you are in hurry, you can keep it in fridge for 2 hours And then later cut it into pieces Do make this on Raksha Bandhan and let your brother enjoy it's sweet taste! Wish you all a very happy Raksha Bandhan For more such festival recipes, like, share and subscribe to Swaad Anusaar

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