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ब्ल्यूबेरी चीजकेक – Blueberry Cheesecake Recipe in Marathi – Dessert Recipe – Sonali Raut



Hello everyone! Welcome to Ruchkar Mejwani with Sonali I feel really good when you watch our recipes and try them

So, there is a subscriber of ours called Vaishanvi Who comments on all the recipes saying please show me the recipe of ‘Blueberry Cheesecake’ in a microwave So, the recipe that I am going to make is dedicated to her For that, I have taken Marie biscuits for the base I am going to make pieces and of these biscuits and grind it in a mixer

It becomes easier to grind it when you make small pieces of the biscuit We need to take about 12 cup of Marie biscuit powder So accordingly we have to take 7-8 Marie biscuits and keep the extra We have to take Marie biscuits preferably as the base turns out good Let’s make the powder

The powder is ready Now, let’s remove Now, in this we will add butter which I had melted And, it is unsalted butter We have taken 2 tbsp

Let’s mix it And our base is ready Now, let’s keep the cheesecakes base aside And let’s start making the cheesecake mixture For that we will need 2 tbsp curd

This is our normal curd It has to be thicker I have taken 3 tbsp cream cheese This cream cheese is easily available in the market Next, we will add sugar

I have taken caster sugar here But, you can use powdered sugar as well I have taken 2 tbsp But, when you use powdered sugar add a bit more Let’s mix it a bit

Now, in this we will add vanilla essence This is 1 tsp Let’s whisk this mixture Now, let’s add our last ingredient and that is 1 tbsp white flour Let’s mix it nicely

Our base is ready as well as the cream cheese mixture is ready So, now let’s start making I have taken silicon moulds here And we are going to make the cheese cake in silicon moulds Because, we are going to make them in the microwave

So it will be easier for us to remove it and the small ones look cute too Let’s start filling the base Take the mixture and press it a bit Let’s fill all the moulds Now, let’s start adding the filling

But, we need not fill the mixture completely Fill it half Because, when we bake it in a microwave it there are a chances that it may overflow Now, let’s start filling it Let’s take it for microwaving

The procedure is really simple I’ll show it to you We have to microwave it for 30 secs Then open the door for 2-3 secs Because, the mixture may rise

Let the mixture to fall and then again microwave it for 30 secs I have removed them from the microwave now Now, let’s keep them until it comes on a room temperature Our cheesecakes have cooled down Now, let’s unmould them

Unmould them gently I have used silicon moulds purposely as it becomes easy to unmould Now, let’s add the blueberry topping on it Now, let’s keep it in a refrigerator to let it cool down for about 30 mins Because, they taste amazing when cold

30 mins have passed and the cheesecakes have cooled nicely I haven’t made this ‘Blueberry Cheesecake’ only for Vaishnavi But, I have made it for all of you So if you want such different recipes and want to try them Want to learn them from me

Then surely let me know in the comments section

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