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भिणज – इस दिवाली ऐसे बनाये मीठे चावल | Sweet Rice Recipe in Hindi | Diwali Special Recipe



Hello friends, we will make sweet rice today Whom you can call sweet rice This traditional dish, which was made by the tempering of desi ghee, has been the main part of Tej festival and wedding ceremony plate for centuries

And in today's time sweet rice is made in many different ways But today I am telling you the recipe to make sweet rice in this video traditionally Which is very easy to make So let's start I have made a cup of rice for making sweet rice Put them in a bowl Pour water in the rice and wash it well We have washed rice with clean water Now we will take a bowl Add water to it and keep it warm The water is hot Now we put this rice in it And we allow them to cook until the rice is soft Rice has been cooked for ten minutes Check them out Rice has softened They are well groomed Turn off gas Now i have taken a bowl Put the steiner on it and add rice And let them stay like this for a while So that their water will be separated and sweet rice will be completely bloomed Now we will take a embroidery In the embroidery we will put two tablespoons of ghee Heat it up Ghee is hot Now we will put in half teaspoon whole black pepper And some grains of cardamom Give them a little bit Rice water is also separated Now we put them in the embroidery Mix them well Now we will add half a cup of sugar Mix it Sugar is mixed Now we will put in Orange Food Color Mix it too By adding orange food color the rice comes in a traditional look We cook them for two to three minutes So that the water of sugar too Rice is cooked up to three minutes They are well groomed Turn off gas And take them out in the serving plate Very fantastic look You too must try it To see more similar videos of recipes, click on the bell button by subscribing to my channel Like and share this video Then meet once again with a new recipe, greetings

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