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रताळ्याचा किस – Grated Sweet Potato Recipe – Ratalyacha Kees – Shravan Special Recipe



"Shravan" (A month according to the Hindu Calendar) has arrived And during Shravan, the options for food we have, are less

And I'll be showing you one of the options that is Ratalyacha Kees (Grated Sweet Potato)

Here I have taken 3 Sweet Potatoes They are washed, peeled and grated thick And after grating it, it has been washed 2-3 times in water And the water completely drained Now we 'll start making the cooking

The pan is heated To that I'll add 2 tbsp Ghee (Clarified butter) Let the ghee become hot The Ghee is heated, to that we'll add 1 tsp Cumin Seeds Let the Cumin Seeds temper To that I'll add finely chopped Green Chillies

Here I have taken 2 Green Chillies We 'll Sauté this well To that we 'll add the grated sweet potatoes We have to have this sweet potatoes To that we'll add ground peanuts crushed

I have taken 1/2 cup of it Add salt I have used rock salt here We have to add this as per taste Add 1 tsp Sugar

And some grated Coconut Mix all of this very well Now we will cover this And let it cook for 5 minutes Because sweet potatoes do not take time to cook

It's been 5 minutes, let's see what the sweet potato has cooked It has cooked And it has separated well Now we 'll serve this We 'll now plate this

We 'll add a little grated coconut on the top Here is our Ratalyacha Kees ready So do make in the Shravan and write to me in the comments And Like, Share and Subscribe to Ruchkar Mejwani

Source: Youtube

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