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रेस्टोरेंट से भी बहेतर पालक पुलाव बनाने का तरीका | Palak Pulao Recipe



Hello and welcome to my channel Tangy kitchen everyone myself Beena Today we will make Spinach Pulao Mostly kids don't like to eat spinach Make spinach Pulao and serve to your kids Which is tasty in taste and quick recipe Let' s start making Pulao SPINACH- 2 CUP BASMATI RICE- 1 CUP (SOAKED FOR 1/2 HOUR) Add 15 cups of water into rice CAPSICUM- 1/4 CUP(CHOPPED) PEAS- 1/2 CUP POTATO- 1 (CHOPPED) SUGAR- 1 TSP BIG CARDAMUM- 1, GREEN CARDAMUM- 2, CINAMON STICK- 2, CLOVES- 2 JEERA- 1 TSP GINGER – SMALL GARLIC- 7 TO 8, GREEN CHILLY- 2 ONION- 1 CHOPPED GHEE- 4 TBSP RED CHILLY POEDER- 1/2 TSP TURMERIC POWDER- 1/4 TSP SALT TO TASTE BIRYANI MASALA POWDER- 1 TSP Let's start making Pulao Take mixi jar Add chopped spinach Add ginger, garlic and green chilly in it Add 1- tbsp of water in it and make paste Paste is ready now Put a pan on gas with high flame Add 4- tbsp ghee in it Ghee is heated now Add all dry spices Add jeera Roast jeera for few seconds Jeera is crackling now Add onion Roast till they become light pink in colour Keep the flame medium Onion become light pink in colour Add capsicum Add potato Add peas Add turmeric powder Add red chilly powder Add biryani masapa Add sugar Add paste in it Mix well Cook for 2 to 3 minutes Add soaked rice with water in it Add salt to taste Mix well Close the lid and cook for 5 minutes After 5 minutes check it You can use cauliflower, carrot ,beans too Close the lid and cook it little Check it now You can see now pulao is ready now Turn off gas Close the lid and give rest for 5 minutes After 5 minutes Serve into a serving plate Garnish with cherry You can serve it with Raita, curd, papad, salad etc You surely try it at home Give me feedback in comment If you like my video than give LIKE SHARE with your friends SUBSCRIBE for more recipe Will you meet again THANK YOU BYE

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