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लौकी की बर्फी झटपट बनायें । Instant Lauki Barfi without Mawa । Lauki Ki lauj



Namaskar Welcome to nishamadhulikacom Today we will make bottle gourd barfi We won't use mawa here

Mawa is not available in many places Today we will make it using the condensed milk It is easy and quick to prepare and is very tasty Come let's start the cooking Take an 800 gms of bottle grams The bottle gourd shouldn't be too raw or too ripe The bottle gourd should be the one which can provide us with a large amount of pulp It should be desirably thick Peel it Cut and remove the ends Divide it into the pieces of 2 to 25 inches Divide the piece into two halves Remove its soft part Cut and prepare all the pieces in the same way While preparing the barfi cut and taste a piece of the bottle gourd Sometimes the bottle gourd is sour Our bottle gourd is sweet The prepared barfi will be very tasty We can use the leftover soft part for the curry or the soup Wash the pieces of the bottle gourd We already washed it once Grate the bottle gourd pieces Use the side which has fine holes to grate the bottle gourd Remove the leftover thick pieces We grated the bottle gourd and pieces are no longer, thicker This is 450 gms of grated bottle gourd Put it in a strainer Strain juice out of it Strain out its juice by pressing because juice has the sour taste which can destroy the taste of barfi Press and remove the whole juice out of it because juice has the sour taste Removing it will enhance teh taste of barfi You can drink the bottle gourd juice Put it in the pan to cook Add 1/2 cup of the full cream milk Cook the gourd to make it soft Cover and cook it on the medium flame for 5-6 minutes 5 minutes are over Stir it Again cover and cook it on the medium flame for 3-4 minutes Prepare the green cardamoms powder Take 6 green cardamoms and make powder of them Check the bottle gourd We cooked it for 8 minutes to make it soft

Add 2 tbsp of ghee Stir and roast on the high flame We stirred and roasted it It is dry It's time to add the condensed milk Add the condensed milk of 1 tin Cook until it reaches to the thick consistency Keep the flame high We cooked it for 1 minute till now Add the green cardamoms powder Add some flakes of almonds You can add the dry fruits according to your taste We will make it thicker It is thick but, we have to make it thicker Turn the flame to medium Stir it to make it thick The mixture appears thick While roasting you'll notice, the ghee is separating from it Now we will set it Switch off the flame Apply some ghee on the plate to make it greasy Put the mixture on the plate Spread it evenly Do not spread it in a thinner layer Keep it thick more than the 1/2 inch Garnish it with the almonds flakes Garnish with finely chopped pistachios Pistachio is optional Press to fix it Keep it in a cool place to set The barfi has set Cut the pieces You can cut the pieces according to your desired size Slightly heat the bottom of the plate to remove the pieces easily Remove and place pieces on the plate The barfi of bottle gourd is ready to be served The tasty barfi has cooked It has prepared easily Be careful that while adding the condensed milk continuously stir the mixture Make it thick Set the mixture when it starts to separate the ghee from it You can check it by taking out some mixture on a plate and if it sets that means it is ready Set and prepare the barfi You will cook marvellous barfi of the bottle gourd Store this in the refrigerator and utilise for 10 days Cook it and eat it Share your experience on nishamadhulika

com We will meet again along with a new recipe Do subscribe to my channel will meet again along with a new recipe

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