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व्हीप्प्ड क्रीम | Whipped Cream Recipe | MadhurasRecipe | How to Whip Cream for Cake and Pastries



Hello, I am Madhura and welcome to MadhurasRecipe Marathi Let's see how to make whipped cream today Whipped cream is not made from whipped cream

People get confused about this We need heavy whipping cream for making whipped cream You can get this in any diary Or it is available in big malls like big bazar or Dmart You can get this in any dairy or a shop named Dorabaji in camp in Pune

I am using 1 cup heavy whipped cream I had kept the glass bowl in freeze for about 30 minutes before whipping the cream So the bowl is really cold I had kept the heavy whipping cream that I am using in feeezer for about 30-45 minutes So this cream whipps really fast

And it sets also quickly Let's beat this on medium high for 1 minute I have beated cream for a minute You can see It has brcome nice and stiff

Beat on high speed for a minute The cream has become nice and thick After beating on high speed Wow Add 2 tsp powdered sugar and 2-3 drops of vanilla essence I have 1/4 tsp ice ceram stabilizer Add it I am using 1/4 tsp ice cream stabilizer for 1 cup cream Mostly people complain that the whipped cream that they have perpared doesn't remain stable

Or it becomes soft Or while icing on cake cream becomes runny Cream remains thick due to stabilizer Stabilizer gives binding You can get stabilizer easily in any grocery shop

It is known as ice cream stabilizer Whip the cream again You can avoid ice cream stabilizer if you don't want it Whip for another 30-40 seconds Wow

Let's check it's consistency It is nice, thick and creamy Whipped cream remains good for a week in freeze You can use this for making any cake like black forest or pineapple cake or any pastry

Whipped cream can be a nice topping too on hot chocolate or cold coffee You have to like and comment the video Do not forget to subscribe and share this video You can share this video or other madhurasrecipe marathi videos on whatsapp and social media like fb, instagram, pintrest or twitter with your friends Thank you very much for watching this recipe

Let's meet again with such nice recipe Till then, keep smiling, be happy and keep on eating

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