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शाही टुकडा बनाने का बहुत ही आसान तरीका || Shahi Tukda Recipe || Shahi Tukda Easy Recipe



Subscribe to my Channel and press the Bell Icon for all the latest updates Namaste! Welcome to Cooking With Shalini Today we will make Indian Sweet Shahi Tukda INGREDIENTS MENTIONED ABOVE Lets start to make it take 2 slice of Bread cut it in triangular shape now we will make sugar syrup take a pan and add 1 big cup of sugar now add half cup of watermeasuring same cup (Cup should be samewith which we added sugar) now keep it on the flame mix sugar well so it gets mixed with water nicely wait until it boils take another pan add Khoya / Mawa in it add 1 cup of milk in it mix it well low the flame and wait until it boils after our sugar syrup boilsadd 1/3rd spoon of cardamom powder in it now add 5-6 strings of saffron in syrup and boil it on low flame keep on mixing khoya batter side by side add 1/3rd spoon of sugar in mawa / khoya batter thicken the batter sugar syrup is ready now khoya / mawa batter is thick now we will off the flame and let it cool down now we will fry our bread switch on the flame take a pan and add more than half spoon of Clarified butter in it let it melt switch flame on high oil should not be so hot now add bread and fry them until golden brown you can see good golden brown colornow we will take them out now dip the bread in sugar syrup for 2 minutes now add mawa / khoya batter on top of the bread spread it nicely now sprinkle dry fruits on top of it delicious shahi tukda is ready to serve do try this with my recipeyou will love it if you like then do share , like and don't forget to subscribe my channel for more Interesting Recipes Thank You

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