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साबूदाने की खीर | Sabudana Kheer | Navratri Recipe | Vrat Recipe | Phalahari Recipe



Hello, I love Pooja, in your channel I welcome you once more Today I will eat with you in fast I am about to share the recipe of Sabudana Kheer

It is very tasty in the food And it is also very easy to make it It is without you even without fasting Whenever you want to have some sweet food you can eat it So before I start this recipe I will request you, That if you have so far my YouTube channel Cooking with love is not subscribed to Pooja So Kindley must subscribe to it And together with Bell's Eye Con Do not forget to press her so that you Notification of the upcoming recipes Keep getting So let's start making it

I have to make it here Had half a cup of sago from the Majoring Cup Which wash The same cup of water from the same cup of sago Was wet for an hour And after one hour the sago Almost everyone has absorbed the water Nearly two tablespoon water which was left in it I have left her And now this sago is very well wet In size has already been a little bigger So now we will keep it in the side And boil the milk first Here I have taken a liter of cream cream So boil it To make this kheer even more tasty, I have taken some dry fruits and cardamom here So long as the milk boils, we will cut dry fruits

Peel the cardamom and peel it And I've got it ready And now the milk has boil Put sago On the high flame we run the kheer continuously Cook until it's in Sometimes it does not boil because sometimes Milk gets torn by putting sago So keep running it Milk has now again boiled well Take the flame Now we will not run milk continuously Rather, it will continue to run for a little while

Take the spoon to the bottom of the vessel and run it So that the kheer does not fit under the kitchenware Because of the combination of kheer in the frying it tends to spoil its taste And now the dry fruits we had prepared by cutting, They will put it I have kept some dry fruits After which we become kheer Garnish will serve all Now we take Kheer on Medium to Low Flame Between the middle of the middle, the milk will cook until it thickens

Kheer has become thick And the sago color has also changed to Transparent So now we will put sugar in it I have added a third cup of sugar from the meager cup here You add more or less according to your test Once you mix well, it will run Will put the cardamom powder

Will mix Now let's make it sugar dissolve One-two more minutes to cook It's been two minutes Sugar has dissolve very well Kheer is also very good looking Kheer is ready The gas will stop And it will leave it cold for a while

It's been almost an hour, and Kheer has become a little cold too Will serve it Cool it in fridge and eat it Seems even more tasty And these cold khilas also like children too Garnish it by putting dry fruits on top of it Today I have made you a saboodana kheer, You must definitely make it by making it

And tell me in the comment box, How did you find this ????? And if you like this sabudana kheer Then like it and share it And if you come to my channel for the first time So do subscribe to it and together with Bell I do not forget to press it So that you will come to our Keep getting notifications of every new recipe Then meet again with a new recipe Thanks for that!

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