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सिर्फ दो चीज़ो से बनाएं KAJU KATLI | Diwali Special Recipe | CookWithNisha



I've gone through so many recipes for Kaju Katli and yeah tried them too and I've noticed one thing after trying that recipes if you do not take care of certain things then you won't be able make that perfect Kaju Katli so keep in mind all these things we'll make these kaju katli using only two ingredients If you like this video hit that LIKE button and SHARE this video as much as you can also do SUBSCRIBE to my channel "CookWithNisha" so lets get started so I've taken 250 gram of cashew(kaju) now grind them grind them in short intervals like grind them in intervals of two seconds this way you would get its powdered form also this way we doesn't get it in paste form which is must to make kaju Katali we've got that powdered form of kaju if we grind this way likewise I've grind all the cashew and get that fine powdered Cashew powder is ready here now sieve it so as to remove that tiny pieces of Cashew which may remains while grinding and when we grind them more it get transformed into paste so sieving is must to separate our that small pieces you can use these pieces in halwa or in other sweets now we'll cook it in sugar syrup so add 1 cup or 150 gm sugar in a pan and then add 1 cup water and turn on the gas flame and allow it to cook we need to prepare this sugar syrup in low flame and cook it until we'll see these type of bubbles sugar gets melted properly in 6 to 7 minutes and we've seen the bubbles like this if you measure its consistency like this so need to keep its consistency between one & two string so sugar syrup is ready here now add that prepared cashew powder and mix well now cook it for 2 minutes with continuous stirring you can add 3 tbsp ghee if you want it will take about 2 minutes to cook so turn off the gas flame now we gonna to set these kaju katli or kaju barfi so spread the ghee( clarified butter) in a plate or on a butter paper now pour this kaju paste in this plate as kaju katli is slightly thin so you need to spread the paste according to that and then allow it to set for about 10 to 15 minutes after 15 minutes the paste will set well now cut its small pieces using a knife you can cut its pieces according to your liking and Our tasty and yummy Kaju katli is ready here must try its recipe on this festive season and share your experience in the comments below will see you in my next video till then

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