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स्पेशल मिठाई मलाई चॉप, दीपावली के लिये खास रेसिपी । Bengali Sweet Malai Chop Recipe



Namaskar, welcome to nishamadhulikacom Today, we are going to prepare chena malai sandwich

It is a special sweet dish of the Bengal It has a taste of both the chena rasgulla and the mawa Come lets make it Prepare chena to make the chena malai sandwich Take 1

5-litre of cow's milk and pour it in a vessel The Cow's milk is the best option to prepare chena If the cow's milk is unavailable use the buffalo's milk (full cream) Use only the pure milk Keep the flame on medium Wait for the milk to boil

Stir the milk once or twice from the bottom to avoid it from burning The milk has boiled Switch off the gas Wait for the temperature of milk to decrease After, that pour the lime juice in it to prepare chena

Chena will be soft Do not pour the lime juice in milk on high temperature otherwise chena will not be soft It will be hard Cool down the milk Leave it to cool down for 4 minutes

After 4 minutes add the lime juice in it 4 minutes are over and milk temperature has dropped Remove 2 tbsp of milk from the vessel in a bowl Add 30-40 saffron strands in that bowl Take 2 lemons

Extract their juice Add 2 tbsp of water in 2 tbsp of lemon juice Add lemon juice in milk and stir it The curdle milk is in process of making Milk and water start appearing separately

Leave it for 2 minutes To strain the milk, take a bowl and place a strainer over it Spread a cotton cloth on the strainer on which chenna will separate Lift the cloth and strain all the water out of chena In this way squeeze and extract all the whey out of it

The whey can be use for the curry of vegetables Or to mould the flour Wash the chena to remove the taste of lemon Wash it twice or thrice like this Again fold the cloth and strain it Remove all the water

Remove the chena out of the cloth On the other hand, start preparing the sugar syrup Add 15 cup of sugar Add 45 cup of water

45 cup Cook it until sugar dissolves Mash the chena with your palms chena is soft Add 1 tbsp of refined flour in it

Mix and knead it properly for 4-5 minutes You can use corn flour in place of refined flour You can even use semolina or arrowroot Mash the chena for 5 minutes after mixing refined flour To check it make a ball of it by rolling between the palms

There shouldn't be any crack in it The ball is perfectly round It is soft and ready Prepare pieces of chena from it Divide them equally

Pick up a piece of chena Roll it between your palms The piece of chena will be extremely soft Give it a shape from all the sides Piece is ready Prepare all pieces in the same way

Sugar syrup is boiling One or two thread of sugar syrup is not required Dissolve the sugar in water Sugar syrup should be boiling Dip the chena pieces in the sugar syrup

Dip it one by one Sugar syrup should not lose its boiling point Put all pieces in it Cover it and cook it for 5 minutes then check it It boils better when cover

chena Boils well After 5 minutes pieces of chena has bloated to twice of their original size Cover it and again cook it for 5 minutes Partially open the lid if sugar syrup spills along with the steam so that steam releases Cook it this way

Cook them for more 5 miutes Pieces of chena appears good Cook them for more 5 minutes Flip them with less force The confectioner uses the soap nut water to increase the foam of the sugar syrup

Chena pieces are evenly cooked Do not add the soap nut water although, flip it and cook it Cover and cook for again 5 minutes We cooked them for more 6 minutes It takes 16 minutes to cook

Chena pieces are cooked Turn off the gas Keep them in sugar syrup for 1 hour Let them cool down then do the further process One hour is over and pieces cooled down also

Remove them from the sugar syrup and place on the strainer Extra sugar syrup will move out on the plate from the pieces Place all the pieces on it Prepare the malai for them from the mawa Take 1 cup of mawa

Add the saffron thread milk in the mawa Beat mawa in the saffron thread milk properly to make it soft It can be prepared without saffron thread and yellow food colour can be added The beating process makes the mawa soft It will look like the malai

Add 3 tbsp of boora or powder of sugar Add the sugar according to your taste Mix the ingrdients well Mawa is ready for the chena malai sandwich Stuff the mawa in chena pieces

Cut the piece from the between Cut to divide the piece Leave it adjoined from the end Open it in this way and fill the mawa in it Press it softly by this way

Make the stuffing even Remove the extra filling using a knife Prepared piece will look like this Fill the mawa in all the pieces using the exact method All the chena malai sanwiches are ready

if the mawa is left, add some roasted sooji in it and sugar powder to prepare laddoo or barfi out of it Add the grated pistachio over it for garnishing The grated coconut can also be used Cut and serve the chena malai sandwich The chena malai sandwiches are ready

Place them in the refrigerator for half an hour They will be set and ready Delicious chena malai sandwiches are ready Be careful while preparing it Make the chena soft while preparing it

Make it smooth by rubbing Chena pieces should not have any crack Sugar syrup should boil properly while cooking Pour the pieces in sugar syrup one by one Cook it on high flame for the 15-16 minutes

Cooking it on large stove is more preferable Store them in refrigerator and eat for 4-5 days Cook it and eat it Share your experience on nishamadhulikacom We'll meet soon along with the new recipe

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