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গরুর মাংসের স্পেশাল কালাভূনা (with Eng Subtitles) # beef kalavuna # how to cook black beef fry



Assalamualikum, welcome to Monija's Recipes! dear viewers today I will show you a special recipe which is renowned Chittagong"s (a famous city of Bangladesh) Beef Black Fry in Bangla "Beef Kala-vuna) This is so tasty that not only in Chittagong but also in whole Bangladesh it's very popular It's so tasty that if someone eats once will be willing to eat again viewers lets see what are the ingredients we will require to make it yogurt – 1 cup fried onion – 1/2 cup grated onion – 3/4 cup 2 table spoon separate grated onion for bagar 3 pieces dry red chilies few green(small)cardamoms, 2 black(big) cardamoms 3-4 pieces cinamons Ginger paste – 1 T able spoon Garlic paste – 1

5 Table spoons, green chilies – 4 pie ces 2 pieces bay leaf few black peppers, few cloves few mace and very little amount of nutmeg those mace and nutmeg to be mashed before using turmeric powder – 1 tea spoon, fried cumin powder – 1/2 tea spoon, black peeper powder – less than 1/2 tea spoon 1/2 tea spoon – coriander powder 2 tea spoon – red chili powder we eat a bit more spice, if you wish you may use less spice mustered oil – 1/2 cup I will use the mustard oil for bagar and fried onion oil will be used for mixing with meat salt – as required beef – 1 kg it's with bone and fat both because it adds more taste with totally solid meat it tastes a bit less now I will marinate the meat with all masala ingredients other than green chilies, mustard oil and 2 table spoon grated onion for bagar I will mix all the masalas here other than those and the gorom masala like cardamoms, cinnamon, bay leafs etc intact in nature those have to be fried in oil before main cooking now I am mixing all the masalas powder masalas, grated onion etc are mixed mixing salt as reqired mixing the fried onion mixing yogurt dear viewers, if you like my recipes please do subscribe and hit the bell icon for the notification about the new recipes here I am mixing the ginger and garlic paste here I am mixing mace and nutmeg mashed now I will mix the masalas with beef by hand properly so that the masala mixes well with the meat after mixing properly I have to marinate this for 1 hour many think that this Black beef fry is difficult to make but its really not, its very easy recipe if you make it once then you will understand that its very easy normally the time we require to cook beef curry in case of black beef fry , it takes half or one hour more there is nothing more than that my mixing is done and its time to marinate for 1 hour with a cover now I am giving the fried onion+soyabean (together) oil in a dish after being boiled/ hot this fried onion oil will add a nice smell to the Black beef fry here i have given 1/3 cup fried onion+soyabean oil now I am mixing the left over gorom masala as I said before when this will be little fried a nice smell will come out now I will mix the marinated beef I have to mix it properly now I will cook it with a cover for 30 minutes in between I will mix it 1-2 times after 30 minutes good amount of water has come out from the meat now I will not mix any water with it after mixing properly again I will leave it with cover for another 30 minutes the flame of the stove will be in low medium after said 30 minutes the meat is in "going to be fried" condition now till the beef is boiled properly I have to cook like this with a cover for 30 minutes viewer after more 30 minutes you can see that the oil has come over the beef there is no more water, it's gonna dry I am adding 1/2 cup water with it after adding the said water again I will cook for 30 minutes with cover after that 30 minutes viewers you can see that the beef is gonna black now I will cook the beef without cover to be made fried the beef has become soft and boiled many think that Black beef fry mean burned beef but actually its not that its just making black by frying with time now I am making the bagar I have put 2 table spoon grated onion in the mustard oil I will make this fried and will use those as bagar in Black beef fry this is very important part viewers you must do it to get the real taste of beef black fry now I am mixing that bagar its very beautiful smell coming out to nose viewers when you will cook this only then you can feel it now I will cook this without cover for more 15-20 minutes by mixing Its almost complete viewers very beautiful color! now I have put that 4 green chilies Now I will keep this with cover and will serve it after 30 minutes my cooking is done! now I have put this in a dish/ plate very nice smell in coming out! looking so beautiful! if you wish you must try it at home In the upcoming EID, hope you will cook it and let me know that how it was! dear viewers if you have recipe request, please just comment it below stay fine and healthy and pray for me so that I can prepare more tasty recipes for you, viewers! THANK YOU!

Source: Youtube

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