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গ্রামের বত্তা শাক রেসিপি / Goosefoot Cooking Recipe / Lamb Quarter Cooking Recipe



Hello my lovely viewers, Assalamu Alaikum Welcome to Labony Kitchen

Today, I am cooking Non Resident Bangladeshi (NRB) special, tasty recipe for all Coosefoot cooking Lamb Quarters is one of my favourite food Not only that, I know for those we live abroad these goosefoot is very unavailable So, I thought, when I got hold of some goosfoot in my hand why wait! And share with my viewers If you watch till end, you will find out where I found this Batua shak / Goosefoot leaves! Let's Get Started! Here, I have taken some Goosefoot leaves washed, cleaned and chopped Now, I am going to boil this leaves in a pan without any water

If you want you can add couple of green chillies Also some onions You may also add green beans Potatoes can also be used Today, I am not using any of the ingredients I just mentioned

Our leaves boiled quite well It became very soft WOW! On other side, I added 3 tbsp cooking oil on a pan, When oil becomes hot, now I am adding dried chillies Cut / sliced in halves When colour changes, I will a large sized chopped onion

Fry till onion turns into golden brown colour Now, I am adding 4 Garlic cloves I took 4 garlic cloves so that both onion and garlic will become brown Now fry quite well Both ingredients fried quite well

If you fry more, the taste will be bitter Now, add our boiled leaves After a minute or so I will add one tsp salt I prefer adding salt now because we will understand salt's proper measurement Now cook for another minute Now the leaves cooking complete And salt is perfect

look, the content isn't stuck on the spoon Without mushing, the leaves became very soft At this point, I am adding some green chillies If you guys prefer, you can add before but I prefer now Gently stair for a minute and then done

The most tasty and flavourable goosefoot cooking done very easy Today, this leaves is very special for me Because, I have grown this goosefoot in my own garden And cooking, this organic leaves Hence, I thought to share with my viewer

I was also surprised to see this leaves in London's house, in my new house's garden Look, the leaves became very soft We haven't used any ingredients such as green beans, potatoes Nothing we had to add Very tasty This goosefoot is very special to me I like it very much

Ahh little hot The cooking is very tasty and becasue it is hot I had a little trouble eating it Yet, I ate

I hope, you also loved this special goosefoot cooking And I tried to bring this cooking in a very simplest way What more I can say, you see and tell me If you ever come across this wild spinanch please try cooking using recipe

I hope you will enjoy same as me enjoying Until next video, bye bye Please subscribe Labony Kitchen and Stay updated

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