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કાજુ કતરી બનાવવાની રીત | kaju katli sweet



Welcome to Shri Sri Food Today we will make all of us eager to love We can easily make it We can prepare it at the festival or on any occasion when it is ready to be made Start making So here I have taken 200 grams of cashew nuts 100 gram sugar 2 tablespoons of ghee (Butter ) 1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder And water as needed Now we prepare the cashew powder and prepare it

Now put the cashew nuts in the jar and prepare it for the Crush કાજુ પીસાઈને તૈયાર કરીશું Prepare cashew paste Strain it in this way and make it ready We do not have crush cashew nuts at the same time Start a little later, stop immediately In this way we have to prepare the crush So that it does not crash small Just Like Dough So this cashew powder is ready Now put the holes on the gas Hundred grams of sugar in it The water in it pours as much water Shake it Sugar is just dissolving Do not make her syrup Now the sugar is completely dissolved in water Inside the sugar we put cashew powder Will keep the gas slowdown આપણે તેને ત્યાં સુધી પકાવી શું કે જ્યાં સુધી તે થીક થઇ જાય And do it right we cook it until it becomes dehydrated This is how it is going to shake Once a little bit thicker I am going to get one and a half tablespoons of it here Then put the cardamom powder Mix it exactly If this is correct, then we should just keep moving In this way the paste of cashew paste becomes thick, so take one teaspoon and check it After cooling down a bit, check whether the tablet is made or not You do not have to be shot properly, so it will still have to stay for two minutes So keep moving it Now that's ready, take it down And we take a plate and let it cool down

And put the cashew paste in it so that it cools down as soon as possible And keep it fast for a while so that it cools down It is necessary to keep stirring, because it does not fall on the crust In this way, it keeps on mixing Now it's a little cold And ghee in hand and round the stomach Take a round Now we have to prepare ghee on the butter paper that has been taken We will cross the pyre to the circle Put it in this way Ghee on a Rolling Pin , and weigh it thin Flatten slowly And make it ready for the groom Now let it stay for 5-10 minutes So little cooler So is ready Let's cut it into a diamond shape and prepare it Get ready to cut Now Kaju katli are ready Take it to a plate I do not have a silver foil onKaju Katli sweet It is not good to Health It is only used for the show , Do not need to apply it So you also have to be home-cooked, eat and share your experiences with us I'll meet again with a new recipe If you do not subscribe to our channel yet, please click here and it will subscribe and click on the Bel icon so you will get our new video

બેલ icon પર ક્લિક કરશો એટલે તમને અમારા નવા વિડીયો મળતા રહેશે અને વિડીયો પસંદ આવે તો પ્લીઝ લાઈક પણ કરો અને તમારા ગૃપમાં શેર પણ કરવાનું ભૂલતા નહિ

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