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માવા વગર પરફેક્ટ મોહનથાળ Mohanthal Recipe || Traditional Gujarati Mohanthal || Indian Sweet Barfi



Hello Friends , Welcome to Sri Sri Food Today We Will make Gujarati traditional Sweet MOHANTHAL Mohanthal can be made in tow ways it can be made With mawa and Without Mawa( dried whole milk/thickened milk ) Today we do not use Mawa/Khoya So For It 2 Cup Gram Flour ( granulous ) 1 Cup Of Sugar 1 Cup Ghee ( Butter ) 3 Tsp Milk 1 Tsp Pistachio 1 Tsp Almond Water as need first we have to in gram Flour is to be turned back So we put 2 tsp Ghee in Flour Now We put milk in it And mix well like it If Possible we should use homemade Ghee it's pure and very Testy Now this mix has ended Now We will Strain it by wheat strainer Straining by Hand like it straining process are done mix well to hand it mixed put Ghee to heat After heat ghee Add Gram Flour in it We Fry it on Slow to medium Flame when you mix , in beginning you feel it Dry But as soon as fry goes away , ghee will drop out of it Do not hurry to bake it we will bake it peacefully we will Prepare this mohanthal as granulous After 8 to 10 minutes we can see It will be stirred, so the flour has been roasted Continously Stir So that it gets cooked well fry until golden Brown Now Our whole rosted are ready Keep aside Now prepare to syrup Put Sugar in pan Water as per need our gram dough are also heated , so stir it continuously stir syrup also ike it keep slow Flame Until the one wire , stir continue syrup are ready take Gram on stove and Put syrup in it Mix Properly we do not use any Essence in it you may add stir some time stay away For a minute Aside stir some time if need add Cardamom Powder in it Mix Well Grease to Ghee Greasing Done Now it's little cooler Transfer to Plat set it well Garnish with pieces of Almond And some pieces of pistachio also aside for cooler stay for 2 to 4 hour Nice setup is done we make it without Khoya ( Mawa ) Even than it's very Delicious Now Cut It we Used granulous Gram Flour it make granulous Texure Our Mohanthal are ready to serving keep in serving Plate I hope you Enjoy this Video If you do not subscribe to our channel yet, please click here and it will subscribe and click on the Bel icon so you will get our new video And if you enjoy the video please LIKE also and do not forget to share in your group

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