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શક્કરપારા લાવશે તહેવારો માં મીઠાશ Shakar para Recipe || Sweet Shakarpara



Welcome To SRI SRI FOOD Today We Will Make Shakarpara ( Sugar cube ) So For It 2 Cup White Flour ( Maida) 1/4 Cup semolina 1/4 cup Ghee Syrup Of 1/2 cup sugar melt in 1 cup water We Put semolina in white Flour Add Ghee in it Mix well it by hand I Used Ghee here , you may use Oil instead of ghee mixed ready we make just like it Now add some water in it and we prepare to Dough make a dough like Roti Or Paratha Dough knead So that the dough can be prepared and prepared thoroughly Dough has been ready we have to prepare a little bit of rubbing Cover it for 10 minute we use semolina flour also, it will be blooming After 10 minute knead the dough again Take a little rubbish in this way make a ball make like this type pressed round shape ball i prepare 6 ball to this dough Now roll out it roll out it some thick now this is flatted it is to be so thick Now cut it cut it to Diamond shape side to plate another will prepare to roll out you may use some salt too , if you want salty we can cut by choice , small – big so all are ready to fry heat a oil Check it first Oil are heated Put all sugar cube in it Fry it on medium Flame You can see As soon as it is fried , it goes up we Fried on medium Flame like this And Roll out it properly After some frying , we will roll out Fry until light brown color becomes Once Again Roll out it after some Fried roll out continue This Round are ready to Frying Aside it similarly , Prepare the other for Fry It takes 4 to 5 minutes to one round frying we can store this Shakarpara for 15 to 20 days also we can give in lunchbox too Our Shakarpara are ready keep Aside So our sweet sweet Shakarpara is ready to eat after cool in normal weather , we can store it for 15 to 20 day you also try it at home If you do not subscribe to our channel yet please click here and it will subscribe and click on the Bel icon so you will get our new video And if you enjoy the video please LIKE also and do not forget to share in your group

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