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ସୁଆଦିଆ ଅଟା ଚକୁଳି ପିଠା | Odia Atta Chakuli Pitha | Sweet Wheat Dosa Recipe



Namaskar, welcome to Mamata Kitchen Today we'll prepare 'Atta Chakuli' So, let's check the ingredients first 1 cup – Flour 1/2 cup – White Flour 1/2 cup – Suji Sugar as per needed Fennel Seeds Crushed Cashew 1/2 tbsp – Salt Refine Oil Water (to prepare the batter) so, let's prepare the batter 4-5 tbsp Sugar Pour water and mix till it dissolves 1/2 cup – Suji 1 cup – Flour Prepare like we prepare for dosa batter 1/2 cup – White Flour 1/2 tbsp – salt Fennel seeds Crushed Cashew Pour water as per needed Cover and keep aside for 15 min It is ready after 15 min 'Atta Chakuli' is ready to serve Like, share and comment if you enjoyed and don't forget to Subscribe Thank you!

Source: Youtube

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