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கருணைக்கிழங்கு புளிகுழம்பு|Yam Recipe|Yam Boiled Recipes| Karunaikkilangu Puli Kuzhambu|Home Cooking



Hi everyone Today we are going to see how to make a yam tamarind curry

Cut the yam into smaller ones yam is very good for the body This is one of the things that can reduce body heat and cool you yam is the spicy taste It does not like a few people Add salt, tamarind and turmeric powder with boils to eliminate the spicy taste of yam Keep steamed well to be taken

We are going to see what it means to add Add 2 tsp sesame oil to the oil pan Then add the Fenugreek with the fried mustard Then add 2 teaspoons of urad dal and 2 tsp of chana dal Then add 2 red chilli and 5 curry leaves with roasting Add a large whole onion chop roasted till removed raw smell Then add 20 or 10 garlic with good roasting Add two whole tomatoes and chop

Roasting everything with mixed well Then Extracted turmeric water with add 2 table spun sampar powder mixed well The mixture is added and let it boil on medium heat Add some water made Add some salt for taste Let it boil on medium heat

After 5 minutes add the cooked yam and let it boil until it becomes a little thick and oil separates Turn off the heat Enjoy delicious yam tamarind kulampu with rice or even with dosa Thank you for all watching this videoplease subscribe likecommentssupport

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New Cookery Recipes
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