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கருப்பட்டி Karupatti Thengai Burfi | Coconut Palm Jaggery Recipe | Sweets and Snacks With Eng Sub



If you like this Video Please Click the Like Button Kindly Subscribe Annai Samayal Channel Hello Friends Welcome to Annai Samayal Channel Today we are going to make Coconut Palm Jaggery Burfi Ghee – 2 Tbls Shreded Coconut – 2 Cup Roast the coconut till you get Good Aroma Now the Coconut is Roasted and Keep Aside Palm Jaggery – 1 1/2 Cup Water – 1/2 Cup Wait Till the Palm Jaggery Dissolve in Water You may Use Jaggery or Sugar The Palm Jaggery is Dissolved

Now Filter the Syrup in Strainer Add the Palm Jaggery Syrup Cardamom Powder – 1/4 Tsp Add the Roasted Coconut Stir Well Ghee – 2 Tbls Stir Well Grease the Plate with Ghee and Keep Aside You may also Add Cashewnuts and Raisins It Started Coming together leaving sides of the Pan Transfer it to the Greased Plate Spread it in the Greased Plate Cut into any desired shape when it is warm Once the Burfi is cool keep it in a Airtight container and you may use it for one week After Ten Minutes Take the Burfi from the Plate Coconut palm Jaggery Burfi is Ready Coconut palm Jaggery Burfi is Ready to Serve Kindly try this Coconut palm Jaggery Burfi and Give your comments and Share the Recipe with your Friends and Family Kindly Subscribe Annai Samayal Channel and Thank You

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