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బొప్పాయి హల్వా | Papaya Halwa Recipe | Dussehra Special Recipe | Indian Sweets | Naivedyam Recipes



Today, we will learn a new sweet recipe That is 'Papaya Halwa'

For this, take 1/2 kg papaya Here, i have peeled and chopped it in small pieces Let's switch on the stove and add papaya to it We are not using oil or ghee here Now, add 150 gm sugar

Mix it nicely Quantity of sugar should be according to the sweetness of the papaya If the papaya is not sweet enough add more sugar If the papaya is more sweeter then no need to add it Sugar has melted, now add koha in it

I have taken 1/4 kg Koha If you dont want to add Koha you can substitute it with 6 tbsp milk powder You have to keep mixing it until the mixture becomes thick Papaya Halwa is ready! There is a beautiful aroma Let's switch off the stove and add chopped almonds and pistachios

Let's transfer it to a bowl Now let's garnish it with almonds and pistachios Definitely try this Halwa on Dussehra Wish you all Happy Dussehra

Source: Youtube

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