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കോഴി ഒഴിച്ചുകറി മഴയിൽ കുതിർന്നപ്പോൾ | How to Cook an Easy Kerala Chicken Curry



It's raining Today we are going to make chicken curry

Chicken curry with roasted and ground coconut Good morning Last day, we made chicken mappas Today we are thinking of making roasted chicken curry We are not roasting chicken

The curry is made with chicken and roasted coconut We will be roasting coconut for making this curry We will roast grated coconut and make chicken curry with it The pan is kept over the stove Let us start

We are going to pour oil into the pan Add the spice mix for curry to this This spice mix has cinnamon, cloves and crushed cardamom Now we will add sliced onions It is giving out too much smoke

Let us add onions How many onions are there in this? There are 3 onions Onions are not cut into tiny pieces Let the onions turn brown Then we can add ginger garlic paste

All other masala is added after that? Yes, when this mix loses its raw taste, we can add other masala What about this? This is for later So we can keep it aside Shall I give you ginger garlic paste? Let this turn brown first Yes, it will take time

It is likely to rain Chicken curry will get lots of gravy if it rains Sky is looking very cloudy It happened suddenly This is the intermittent summer rains

It can rain any time It might not rain also It may just vanish It is good if it doesn't rain for some time Yes, we can make the curry

Onions will take some time to be sauteed well Especially as we are cooking in clay pan over firewood oven It can be done faster if we cook over gas stove When the onions are sauteed well, it gives a special taste to curry Some people love adding more onions

Not everyone How do you like it, mom? I like to add plenty of onions Yes, it will give a sweetness Onions have a special taste This was a common curry for all marriage functions

This was called roasted chili curry Roasted chili? Is it not roasted coconut? This is called chili curry Chili curry is a little more runny, right? Yes, this is the same curry This was commonly served in marriage functions This was a main curry with rice

Nowadays, nobody has time for all these processes We get the real taste only if we follow all processes Add the ginger garlic paste Yes, how many ginger and garlic did you add? One medium-sized piece of ginger and ten to twelve garlic pieces When the raw taste of ginger and garlic paste is gone, we can add chili powder

Mom went inside to fetch the lid She asked me to keep stirring this I am worried about rains Once I made egg curry like this, as Kalpita doesn't eat chicken I think it was in Madagascar, right? I added all other ingredients before ginger garlic paste was cooked well

It tasted raw It didn't taste good Then I understood that ginger-garlic has to be cooked nicely Now whenever I make curries, I saute garlic very well There is no raw smell now

Now we can add the masala, coriander powder, chili powder and turmeric powder Can you tell how much of all powders? One tablespoon chili powder and four tablespoons coriander powder Pour some water over the masala This is done so that the masala won't burn Now we get it in a paste form

We can add curry leaves and green chilies Curry leaves Green chilies Even now I am getting the mixed aroma of curry leaves, chilies and masala Now we will add chicken pieces Oil has separated as a top layer Now we can add chicken pieces

Shall I put? Add some salt too Tell me how much A little more One more spoon Stir it well

Add two cups of water, so as to cover it entirely We have added water to it Now wait till it is cooked, right? We will add the remaining ingredients later, right? Should we cover this? Yes, of course It started raining all of a sudden It was not sudden

Sky was very cloudy It was very cloudy for some time, now it is raining Now I have taken the small gas stove which I bought for outdoor cooking I am cooking on this stove Mom is inside, busy with roasting and grinding of coconut

Let her finish that Mom, can we add tomatoes and potatoes now? Wait till this is cooked well? Okay Open and see Add tomatoes and potatoes now First potatoes and then tomatoes

Is that a rule or can we do as we like? We can do any way Let it cook well Mom, don't apply too much force This is not a sturdy stove It might fall on my feet

That will also be fun No fun in that My feet will burn We will keep it covered now This stove has a very low flame

Increase it then This the maximum So it will take time to cook By then we can make other things ready We will roast coconut

Mom is busy with roasting grated coconut Along with coconut, she has added aniseeds and shallots When the mixture turns brown, she will grind it Let us check whether this is cooked It is boiling

But I don't think it is cooked It has a low flame So it might take more time If it was free-range chicken, it would have been more difficult You might think why I am not cooking inside the kitchen

If I cook inside, we won't get the impact of natural lighting All this greenery feels good and will look good in videos Viewers will also get a happiness then I am satisfied only if I do like this Rain has stopped completely

But our stove got all wet Now we have to cook here only See whether it is cooked It should be cooked by now Is the ground mixture ready? Yes, it is ready

This looks like jaggery But this is coconut, roasted and ground Can you tell how much grated coconut you took? I took two cups of coconut and a few shallots Two teaspoons of aniseeds too This is already boiling

Yes, it is done now So we can turn it off? Should I cover? Yes, keep it covered No, I have to eat it now For that, we have to boil cassava We are going to have this with cassava

It will be good if it rains now Yes, it should have rained now We humans can never stop complaining If it is raining a lot, we complain If it doesn't rain, then also we complain

We are all like that I told because it will be good to have cassava in the rains It has started raining again It is raining on and off It is good to eat in the rains

Once I went to Sathram with two of my friends, Jacob and Shibi There we had boiled cassava with crushed chili chutney It was wonderful There was light rain Sathram is a cool place

We stayed in a guest house there We tasted all those things and enjoyed in Sathram Let us eat cassava with this chicken curry Cassava and chicken curry with the chicken pieces This is very tasty

But I love fish curry more, to have with cassava Fish curry with Malabar tamarind Mom tried cassava and chicken curry Let me also take some cassava, dip it in chicken curry and try it A wonderful taste of ground coconut

This is chicken curry with ground roasted coconut We can call it theeyal too This combination of chicken curry and cassava is very good As mom said, fish curry would have tasted better with this We can have this chicken curry with chapathi, appam or rice

This is best with rice, right? I am breaking off a piece of chicken Chicken piece with cassava, a piece of potato too Cassava and potato, with chicken pieces and gravy As this is Broiler chicken, it cooks fast This is well-cooked and tasty

Now I will try mango vattiyathu Let me try this as such Is this good? This tastes like Uppilitta mango kept under Sun There is chili powder too Chili, asafoetida, and fenugreek

There is not much cooking in this Vinegar is there in this? No But I felt the taste of dry mangoes to be like vinegar This mango has a very sour taste and is hot also Let us eat cassava with this

Chicken curry and cassava together All this together tastes good The sour and hot combination of mango goes well with this So I enjoyed having chicken curry with cassava in this rain You can also try this

We can't make rains happen If it rains, do try this Black coffee will be good with this Shall we have? I took some cassava and chicken curry A few mango pieces also

A few chicken pieces also with it Superb Sour and hot taste of mangoes Chicken curry is not that hot

Taste is good It has the taste of ground coconut When this mango pickle is there with this, it gives a special feel Mom finished before me, and went to make coffee It is good to have black coffee with this

We are living happily You should also be happy We can face things in a positive manner if we are happy No, if we are positive, we can be happy in life That is the way to say

Let us end this video here Next one will come soon Do watch and be with us Bye for now

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