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പൂമീൻ കറിയും വെള്ള ചോറും | Milkfish Kalia Recipe | Doodh Macher Kalia | Bengali Wife Cooking Fish



In Bengal, they have many types of fish curries Maybe around 15 varieties

They have a name for this particular dish What is it? Kalia Now we are adding green chilies Plenty of green chilies Yes, plenty of green chilies

I am mixing this fish curry gravy with rice This gravy is very thick Good morning Many of our friends had asked for a video on Bengali fish curry So today we are making a fish curry in Bengali style

For Bengali style curry, fish is fried first Then it is added to the curry We are making it with milkfish We have coated masala over the fish pieces They don't add much spices, just turmeric and salt

They don't use chili powder for this, like we do here Only those who like hot spicy food add chili powder, right? Yes, we don't add chili powder to fried fish Normally, they don't add chili powder We can make in Kerala-Bengali style also Fish frying is done in mustard oil

Mustard oil has a penetrating taste First, it was difficult for me Now I am used to it I regularly take it when I go to her house In Bengal, they have many types of fish curries

Maybe around 15 varieties They have a name for this particular dish What is it? Kalia Machi kalia, sorry Macher kalia We can call it meen kalia

They have another dish called macher jhol In macher jhol, there will be vegetables and water Jhol means water They add water and vegetables to that curry In this, there will be no vegetables

Onion garlic paste is there Onion garlic paste is added, but not any vegetable pieces So we are going to taste macher kalia cooked in mustard oil This will have a thick gravy It is made using the paste of poppy seeds

We have fried the fish pieces Now we will see the spices We have cinnamon, aniseeeds, cumin seeds, clove, black pepper and cardamom We will saute the dry spices in the same oil that we used for frying fish Will you take it out after sauteeing? You will cook in this only, right? We are adding sliced onions

After frying fish, we used the same oil for sauteing the dry spices We sauteed cinnamon, aniseeds, cumin seeds, clove, cardamom and pepper When this is sauteed, we will add sliced onions and saute it again After that, we can add the ground paste of ginger, garlic and poppy seeds Now this has to boil

When this boils, we can add tomato paste Tomatoes have been boiled and crushed in the mixer When this cooks well, we can see oil on top Many people have asked doubts whether Kalpita can speak Malayalam She can understand well

She can speak bits of Malayalam She can't speak very well So I am only telling the steps Kalpita will also say in between Now we can see a layer of oil on top

Now it is time to add tomato paste What is the next step after adding tomato paste? We have to add turmeric powder, salt, and Kashmiri chili powder Turmeric powder, salt, and Kashmiri chili powder As I told you, there are many fish varieties in Bengal Once when we went to Bengal, I saw the fishermen catching fish

I went with them early in the morning to see how they catch fish As I came very early, I didn't bring Kalpita and kids We reached here at 4 AM Now it is 6AM This fisherman told me many things

This is a big lake where fish farming is done It is done jointly by around 70 families in this area They do it with the support of Fisheries Corporation They face lots of hardships in this There are many varieties of birds in this region, like cranes and kingfishers

Kingfishers are not a problem as it will catch only small fishes But cranes and migratory birds will catch big fishes It is a problem for them Apart from birds, people also cause problems There are people who steal fish from here

To save their fish, they keep watching over the place in groups of 10 to 12 people They have built sheds like this for sitting, where they guard the fish We will now think about cooking When they bring the fish, we can buy one from them and cook it in Bengali style We will have the fish curry with their rice

I saw the fish-catching scenes early in the morning Then we went to her aunt's house and cooked fish curry with curd Fish curry made with curd is a Bengali style preparation In Kerala, we say that curd and fish should not be used together In Bengal, fish curry is made with curd

In this also, we will be adding curd and cashew paste Needless to say, this is a Bengali dish I don't have the expertise to say whether it is right or wrong If the taste is good, I will enjoy, The masala mixture has started boiling now Now we can add curd and cashew paste

When that cooks well, we can add fried fish This is boiling It has to cook well so that it won't have the raw taste of tomatoes Cashew paste is added, which also needs to cook well Once it is cooked well, it will become very thick

This is not a fish curry that is made regularly This is marriage special fish curry This is made with pulav, for marriages or other special occasions I am going to have it with rice The curry has cooked well

Now we can add the fish pieces We have made this with milkfish In Bengal, they normally use Rohu or Katla for this Katla is most commonly used for this curry We can make it with katla or milkfish, as you wish

Tilapia will also be good for this We need only a fish for fish curry Now we are adding green chilies Plenty of green chilies If we don't want the curry to be too hot, we can put the chilies without slicing

If we like it spicy, we can slice or grind the chilies When we put like this, those want spiciness can mix the chilies with rice We added coriander leaves too Now we can taste this, right? Ready to eat We have already got rice, fried eggplant and dal

This eggplant was plucked from mom's vegetable garden I am going to sit near my five-star well-side This is Bengali food I have got white rice with fish curry on top Fish pieces and green chilies are also there

This is fried fish These are the fried pieces which were not added to the curry This is fried eggplant This is from mom's vegetable garden I got one from the few that we plucked

This is sliced into two halves and fried We have got dal too This is also not in Kerala style It is Bengali style dal We can add salt, if needed

But I need less salt But I like more spices We can eat the chilies later Let me try rice with fish curry I am going to mix the rice with fish curry

Fish curry gravy is very thick We can take more Now I am just tasting it As cashews and tomatoes are added, this is slightly sweet It has the taste of mustard oil

Many people may not like it It was very difficult for me too But now I am used to it I am getting the taste of curd too I am taking a piece of fish

Milkfish has tiny bones inside So we need to be careful while eating I have a problem with bones, though I like fish a lot See, there are tiny bones As the fish was already fried, it feels thicker

Kalpita added salt while frying fish So it has the salt taste blended well with fish pieces But don't expect a sour taste It is not sour It is a mixed sweet and sour taste of tomatoes

If we want a hot flavor, we can bite the chilies Rice with fish curry It is good This is something you can try at home Instead of mustard oil, you can use coconut oil

Let me try Bengali style dal curry I am crushing a chili with this One piece of fried fish too with it Beware of bones I am keeping this on top, and now everything together goes in

Dal is not that good I liked fish curry more than this Fish curry is the best combination with this rice Let me try eggplant It is fried with just salt and turmeric

Let me enjoy this food You be happy always and enjoy with family Smile a lot, and live with a positive energy Always be with us, and I will be with you Goodbye for now

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