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ബീഫ് സ്റ്റീക്ക് | How to Cook Beef Steak Like a Pro at Home | Yummy Beef Recipe | Easy & Tasty



Welcome! We are cooking a luxury dinner today – the Steak What makes steaks special and expensive? It’s the muscle tissue of an animal that does not get exercise usually 8%of the total muscles it will also have good marbling and the meat will be tender and flavorful Steak is an aged meat for almost a week The meat will still be edible because it undergoes process such as cryovac and anti-bacterial treatment such as ultraviolet light because animal’s post-slaughtered carcass will have stiff muscles a phenomenon called Rigor-Mortise in one week, those muscles get relaxed and loosen up Today we are cooking different steaks in three different doneness Prior to cooking steaks must be left in room temperature and the surface must be pat-dried with a towel First let’s season these steaks with freshly ground salt and pepper we are making this process simple and not using many ingredients Drizzle some vegetable oil or ghee The two most popular way of cooking steaks are flame- grilling and pan-searing We need heavy skillets to cook the steak The pans must be hot enough to get a good sizzling and caramelization on the steak surface So that the internal fluids are sealed within the steak for the juiciness’ How well the steak must be cooked? The three different doneness of steak are 1

Rare – the internal temperature 55 Degree Celsius 2 Medium – 62 Degree Celsius 3 Well-done – 68 Degree Celsius a steak with the thickness of an inch to be well done, it is cooked for almost 4 minutes on one side and the flipped side for about 3 minutes Our first steak is supposed to be well done we are using a cast-iron grill pan for our second steak and we are cooking a Rare steak to 55 Degree Celsius internal temperature How do we know if the steak is done to rare, medium or well-done without a meat thermometer? Press the steak being cooked with your finger to see how much the meat bounces back The reference is if you join thumb and middle finger and feel the stiffness of the base of the thumb as shown in this for Rare Steak’s doneness Thumb and ring finger for Medium Steak Thumb and little finger for Well- done our Rare steak is ready, the crust is only light brown to get grill marks place the stake in 45 degree angle in a grill-pan again rotate to the opposite 45 degree to get a diamond shaped grill mark our medium steak is ready with good grill marks do not over-cook the steak wit too much fat/marbling cook in moderate heat to rare or medium because the fat will render soon and the steak will be fried rather than seared also it's texture will change and we won't get a proper steak Do not cut the steak as soon as it has been removed from the pan Allow it to rest for 10-15 minutes otherwise The hot fluids inside the steak will rush out leaving the steak dry By allowing to rest, it will have enough time for the fluid to evenly distribute within the steak well done steak is usually white inside and slightly tough with minimum flavor and juiciness Steak is usually eaten with a carbohydrate side dish and veggies

Such as mashed potatoes and glazed carrots You may please check olive masala’s mash potato and glazed carrot recipe You may think steak is a luxury only for the NRI’s working abroad but wait In Olive Masala, There is a workaround for everything, just like we showed you how to cook New York Style pizza without oven Will bring you a recipe soon –how to cook steak in Kerala with locally available meat! If you liked today’s video, please give me a thumbs up, add some comments and consider subscribing Thank you for Watching

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New Cookery Recipes
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