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ഹൈദരാബാദി പനീർ ബിരിയാണി കലത്തിൽ | Hyderabadi Paneer Biriyani | How to make Paneer Dum Biriyani?



I feel that it is less salty She is telling me to settle with more of the pickle

It is well-cooked Good morning We are going to make a biriyani at home It is not Malabari biriyani, but Hyderabadi biriyani Kalpita is going to make Hyderabadi paneer (cottage cheese) biriyani

Yes, paneer Hyderabadi dum biriyani We are not making dum with flour This is another technique Let us watch and taste it Let us start the process with paneer

First, we have to take yogurt We have to take thick yogurt We are starting the process with real thick yogurt We added yogurt to the bowl Let us proceed with the cooking

I will tell you what all spices we need We have turmeric powder, salt, Kashmiri chili powder, coriander powder, garam masala This is the red band that covers the nutmeg seed We have cinnamon and star anise We have cardamom, black pepper and cloves too

These are the spices we need We are adding all these to yogurt We are adding this in place of bay leaf Bay leaf is of different varieties It is called biriyani leaf too

If we get that, we can add it to this But we didn't get bay leaf We got all the remaining ingredients This biriyani will be in Hyderabadi style, not our Malabar style This is long grain rice

Now we can add paneer to this Next is coriander leaves Mint leaves too We have deep-fried onions It has not blackened, but we got it in deep brown color

We are adding this also to the mixture for marinating paneer Is the bowl a bit small? It is okay If the bowl was bigger, it would have been easier to mix This is a bit small But it is alright

It is likely to rain We have mixed the paneer, masala, mint leaves and fried onions together with yogurt Now we will keep this in refrigerator We can keep this for one or two hours Keep it for a minimum of 1 hour

Then it will be marinated well By that time, we can make the rice ready Before it rains, we have to refrigerate this Right, Kalpita? We have to cover it well Then only it will become proper

We should cover every food item at home So let's go We have kept the handi or pot over the stove for making biriyani Let me tell you what all we did till now We marinated paneer and refrigerated it

We have boiled the rice This is long grain rice What all masala did we add to it? First, we heated ghee and sauteed ginger garlic paste in it Then we added salt and water We added whole spices too

We put cinnamon, cardamom, pepper and cloves After sauteing whole spices, we added water The washed and soaked rice was added to it and cooked It is almost 70% cooked We have fried raisins and cashew too

Thinly sliced onions also have been crisp-fried We have soaked saffron threads in milk All these processes have been done already Now we just need to make Hyderabadi style biriyani in this pot Let me check

There is some water in it Let it dry up First we heat ghee and saute tomato, chili, onions and turmeric powder Saute everything well, right? This pot is hot We can add ghee now

Are you adding onions first? We don't need garlic in this, right? We added first Yes, we already added garlic So we don't need more If you love the taste of garlic, you can add more If you don't like tomatoes, that too can be avoided

First saute the onions and then tomatoes Do we need salt? Yes, a little Only as much as we need for this Turmeric powder, coriander powder and garam masala too We are not using oil

Some people add both ghee and oil We took ghee only Some people add both It depends on your likes Some don't like the taste of ghee much, so they can use oil and ghee mixed

If you don't like ghee at all, you can make in oil too That is all up to you We have used just ghee for this As Kalpita is not tall, she can't see inside this I am checking this for her

I am just joking He is standing on steps We didn't add salt Actually, we don't need to saute the onions and tomatoes too much Because we will be cooking this in dum (pressurized mode)

The raw taste should go, that is sufficient Otherwise, biriyani will get that raw taste I know a comment that I am going to get for this video Ebbin bro, why don't you trim your hair and beard? I am scared because of corona If something happens, I have kids and old mother at home

You don't need this big pot for biriyani But we didn't get small ones So we are cooking in this You can select the pot depending on how much biriyani we need Kalpoo, see whether this is done

It is enough Can we add green chilies now? Green chilies are just for the taste You can avoid it if don't like Tomatoes now Tomatoes can also be avoided if you don't like too much tomatoes

Some people avoid tomatoes I am not sure whether authentic Hyderabadi biriyani uses tomatoes But we are using tomatoes, onions, garlic, chilies and everything We are using all that we could get Not that we are making an overdose of spices

We are adding all ingredients that we could find Trying to make it as close to Hyderabadi biriyani as possible Ready to add masala? We already added some salt A little bit more now Garam masala

Turmeric powder Coriander powder We added this masala so that it blends with onions and tomatoes Tomatoes should become soft After tomatoes become soft, we don't need high flame

Dum is done on low flame Normally for dum, ember is put over the pot also But we are not doing so Tomatoes have become soft Let us move to the next step

This is marinted paneer Can we add this? Yes We already saw the marination process We are adding it now This should be bottom-most layer

Mix slightly with tomatoes and spread this as a layer Rice will be put over this I am reducing the flame We don't need fire The heat of ember will do

It is not rice over this, right? We are adding a layer of mint leaves and coriander leaves Mint leaves Coriander leaves If you don't like, you need not add this much coriander leaves Kalpita loves its taste So we are adding a bit too much

Now a layer of rice over this Add rice and spread it as a layer Now we can add a layer of raisins and cashew Fried onions too go with it Some mint leaves and coriander leaves too

Spread it and again one more layer of rice over it This is saffron soaked in milk This is for last This is the water in which rice was boiled A glass of that water and the milk over it

We won't get a restaurant-like yellow color for this In restaurants, they add colors We are not using that, just natural colors If you want more yellow color, you can dissolve turmeric in milk and add to this Or we can add food colors too

So we have added everything in layers This is tissue paper or kitchen napkin If we keep this over the pot, it will absorb all the vapor From all 3 sides It is done

Now just cover it We can keep something heavy over this But this lid itself is heavy So it is sufficient This has to be kept like this for around 15 minutes

You know why ember is kept over biriyani pot? So that the vapor won't cool down and fall back into the rice Here, the vapor will be absorbed by the napkin So we are doing like this I have told before also, we are not experts in cooking We are doing as per our knowledge

If we are doing any mistake, please forgive us Now it has been around 15 to 17 minutes It must be ready now We will keep it there and open We will take it from the stove and open

If this falls, everything will be gone See, the napkins have soaked the vapor We could have kept it for more time It would have turned out even better I was scared whether it will stick to the bottom and burn

We are making in the pot for the first time It has become well-cooked We will first take rice from one side Afterwards, we can take paneer masala from the bottom We can see paneer masala at the bottom

I am keeping paneer on one side I was scared that it will burn from the bottom No, it is good I am taking a bit of lemon pickle Papadam and biriyani too with it

Hyderabadi style paneer biriyani If we want more paneer pieces, we can add more We took only less paneer We didn't feel the need for more But now I feel we should have taken more, right? This is enough

Be happy with what we have The person who cooks has the right to taste it first Whether mothers cook, or wife or siblings cook, the person who cooks should get the chance to taste first That is our traditional rule So I am giving to Kalpita first

It is very hot This is having a good aroma It is tasty As we cooked on firewood stove, it will get a smoky taste A little bit of smoky taste will come

Let me too try the biriyani with masala and a piece of paneer Hot biriyani It is good It has the taste of saffron Salt could have been more

It is a little less salty She is telling me to settle with more of pickle That will do I am getting a good taste of saffron We can add rose water to this, if we wish

Kewra water too We have added just saffrons We have eaten our local biriyani many times Actually, we can't call biriyani as local Still, we have our Malabar biriyani

It is made with small rice It is very soft and melts in the mouth This biriyani is made with long grain rice It won't melt in the mouth It is well-cooked

It is good with the pickle You can also try this at home Let me give once more to Kalpita You should also enjoy at home with good food and cooking Always be with us

Let us end this video here Next video will come soon Goodbye for now

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