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มานึ่งข้าวเหนียวนุ่มๆ กันค่ะ How to cook Sticky Rice | Lady Engineer



Hello, today will come Steamed glutinous rice to see Have equipment Swish Autoclave And the sticky rice that we soaked Overnight since last night The first step Boil the water in the pan to boil When the water is boiling Put out the fire And then Put the rice soaked in the pan

Stir for 10 minutes Prepare the pot and Colander, we will Take sticky rice to wash While we wash the sticky rice Will add water to the pot Bring to boil for the water to boil Will not be a waste of time Then scoop the rice into a sieve Washed through water Finished and then pour into the steamer Do all of this Here The rice that we have prepared for steaming When the water boils, then we will bring Hit the sticky rice on the pot Then close the lid as well Steam for about 15 minutes And now we will come to Zig Rice Sikh rice is back rice

Sigma like this And steaming for another 15 minutes While waiting, today will do Spicy Minced Pork Salad with Golden Needle Mushroom To eat together too Finished! Our minced pork salad this After 15 minutes After we siked rice When opening the lid to see Rice will Cooked So soft Finished Sticky rice, Larb Isan Kitchen Easy Let's do it Hello today Oops, don't forget to like, click to share and follow

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New Cookery Recipes
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