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วิธีหุงข้าวเหนียวด้วยหม้อหุงข้าวธรรมดา : How to cook sticky rice l Sunny Channel



Hello This clip will share how to cook sticky rice with an ordinary electric rice cooker No need to soak Soft, overnight Let's see how to do it

Raw materials contain 2 cups sticky rice 2 cups clean water The equipment used has 1 rice cooker like this And use a thin white cloth moistened with twisted water And put it in the pot Some white fabrics will help make sticky rice not stick to the bottom of the pot after cooking The first step for us to wash the rice is to clean the water 2-3 times Then drained it Then pour the glutinous rice into the pot Fill with water Then we switch on Then wait for the rice to bounce Wait, let's see it again

After the rice pot bounced Glutinous rice will remain wet Let us leave it like this without having to unplug 30 minutes To make sticky rice smoldering And dry down Wait, let's see again After 30 minutes have passed Sticky rice is dry well Ready to eat Let us raise some white cloth from the pot

Pour sticky rice into the container And then glutinous rice to crumble Here, see glutinous rice near me Sticky, soft, very appetizing We scooped into the bowl and we ate it Our glutinous rice is finished

Ready to eat with hot grilled chicken Or delicious papaya salad If your friends like this clip Do not forget to press the track, like, press, share, too Today I have to ask myself to leave Hello

Source: Youtube

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