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couch potatoes lasagne lasagna recipe gobby what's up couch potatoes everybody how y'all doin today we're gonna make our homemade lasagna this is a first off we've got our pouch we've got a nice and hot and we're putting in some oil next thing from I break up any lumps we have here this was fools on this fence so I have to defrost it in the microwave sometimes I do cook it from frozen but it takes time you have to put on a little heat and let it start cooking through for you guys I got the ball rolling early your name in peace you wanna have a little salt to it a little seasoned it yummy II bring out some flavor on that bad boy right there yeah whoops see the heat goes up very quickly now I'm not cooking on gas I'm cooking on electricity it's up to the last boss sometimes this happens now our biggest beef is nicely browned as you can see although it's hard to see there's a lot of smoke there book if you can see there is quite a bit of fat coming off there they're going so I'm going to but I like to do is train to meet you I've got a colander over here I'm gonna drain it off now the beef is draining while that's happening I'm gonna add in some SATA or sip tomatoes is yummy this is the basis of all reduce salt design yet is going into the top and I have my minced beef later on I'm just give it a chance to drain off this is a super easy recipe if it's just follow what I'm doing about three of these going in every drop I'm a stickler for getting out as much flavor of something as I can next a half a tube of tomato puree seems like a lot you need a lot this is it a really deep tomato flavor it just brings it up to another level of tamasha weenus that's nearly two-thirds of a thing of stuff anyway I tend to just eyeball this stuff anyway so half to two-thirds to a follow-on maybe you'd like a full one maybe you'd like to I don't know maybe you're like that who knows give that a bit of a stir you've got the he shot me here constantly but it's gonna take a trying for this to heat up so we have the heat up full underneath this recipe is super super delicious and it takes very few ingredients very very few we're nearly there actually have some dried garlic could use fresh don't want to use garlic on it some dried oregano as I said this is a simple dish to want to go mess in the French herbs you can do if you want but I'm a couch potato I make things easy when I can add some dry basil or basil depending on your preference potato tomato bit more oregano maybe and last but not least because these tomatoes deceive tomatoes and especially the tribe of Peoria but the safety Bibles as well are very tart very kind of sharp and flavor we're going to go for two tablespoons of sugar now if you like you could substitute that for sweeteners artificial sweeteners but they're just not the same they have a bad kind of a I found before I metallic flavor to it but two tablespoons of sugar and all of this sauce is not going to add too much calorie wise if you're worried about calories starting to worry about calories myself or not these days I'm putting on a little bit of weight I need to fix that I was out shopping this morning for their fresh ingredients salad ease low-fat coleslaw's and stuff like that to get some vegetables into my diet that's why I love fast food easy Oh God he can get so much of it he can get too much it was now so that's alright agreed Ian's garden there how I forgotten anything I forgot hmm nothing I've already got some salt in the beef I'm not gonna add any more salt and I don't tend to our pepper to this because I don't think it needs pepper this is kind of a sweet sheet tomatoey sauce not too sweet but it doesn't need pepper doesn't need a pepper flavor going on in there that's only my opinion Gordon Ramsay sue me and that's that we just need to bring this to the simmer to the boil and we're not too bad then sorry next up we're going to throw in our beef which we have left training and you'd be surprised by how much comes out of us how much fat comes out of it it's quite a bit of this stuff you know the old pet like meat taste better but fast which not everybody wants all the fattiness battle also causes heart problems we'll know so we've got some flavor on that meat from the fat but also trim the fat off we're making compromises here people making compromises our next job is to bring this up to simmer now actually one more ingredient not essential but it helps because what I like to do with this sauce is I like to I like to simmer it for a long time I like to get that minced beef nice and soft and I want to give this sauce a chance to get all the flavor from that carrot of those herbs I wanted all coming out so I'm gonna add in some water someone let this sauce simmer down over the next hour or two I'm making this in advance so it's super easy it's not dinnertime yet for a good one put in some water that'll eat it with simmering and one starts fishing up huge globs of hot sauce and hitting you in the arms and although and nightmare I got hitch on the door of barefoot one day doing this that hurt it really hurt now let's see what that's looking like it's not too thin but it's not pick either it's going on because it's all because I make it an eerie door so I can always fix whether I put too much water in just by letting it simmer down now we just get it to a simmer and we wait now as you can see it's starting to Bobo for me it's starting to simmer so I'm just gonna reduce the heat and I'm gonna leave it to its own devices you can walk away now and do whatever you like watch TV read a book go for a walk you can leave this for as long as you like to 1/2 I recommend 20 minutes to half an hour to get all those flavors coming out but I tend to leave it a little bit longer I had in some water and then it's got plenty of time to reduce down and also to cook that meat nice and tender and to get every ounce of flavor out of those herbs and that garlic and the tomato Tomatoes everybody said tomatoes am Irish so you tomatoes a sacrilege so here we go and yeah next up we're gonna make our white sauce with a twist now we're ready to make a white sauce with a twist so in here I've got about to understand lift that off it's very loud the father is sizzling away about about two to three large tablespoons good heat tablespoons of butter well that's about two I'd say to a half something like that I hope you can get a kind of an idea of it there and we're melting the butter and we're gonna make a roux for our white sauce so Roux is flour in fact the facts already in there and here comes some flour now you don't you'd want to do this a little bit at a time guys mix in your flour I've turned the heat down slightly under that it was on full glass to get my butter going but in a bit of flour at a time you don't want to overdo this because what you end up doing is spending the entire day trying to whisk in cause this thickens up so much that bit Don Lollo all that flour is mixed in but my reel is very wet it's very shiny looking and it's too it's just too much so more flour don't be afraid of this I used to be afraid of it sorry if I'm giving you all fear that's 1/2 tips let's see what we're looking at now see what don't worry about it stick it to the bottom it happen to the straight pedals when this July open hand it's still lock on a bitch how would you call that now kinda I don't want shiny and wet so it's not quite there yet a little bit more I'd say we'll do it another just over not quite level see the way it's coming away from the sides now and everything that's kind of what you're looking for and it's forming into warren of solid balls LaRue now we need to cook this out for a few minutes so doing that few minutes I'll give it a bit of a stir cook the flour flavor out of it don't like that I managed to let it stick to the bottom but through the okay we'll be ok people we're going to survive this we'll get through it that's a nice consistency now he's doing it I'm a Dibble from sterner I'm just a divot see that now that's a dry rib that's nice dry i oniy hope it doesn't take us a huge amount of water sorry milk but anyhow look look worth of nothing else now get ready to add some milk now what I have here in my hand is a whisk whew it's a tiny whisk don't judge me one of my modules in life is don't judge a man by the size of his whisky I like to use the loose carry on very early on because it just makes sure that everything gets incorporated the lumps down mourneth more milk see all that milk got incorporated into it nearly instantly the secrets to ruse people is you should got a ha true you are a cold liquid and vice versa you got a cold room I have hot liquid and that really hurts prevent lumps my daddy taught me that he changes a chef when I was younger and he taught me that and I've since seen lots of famous chefs on TV saying the same thing so he obviously learned something as as training in the chef he taught me a few things taught me how to cook the first Sunday dinner see this it looks like a cake mix it needs a lot or look like a sauce to you mm-hmm right now there's these don't do this is wailing all the time because by the time you get finished mixing it up and whisking all in it'll already be kinda hot now I say this is a white sauce with a twist oh sorry twist I'm putting cheese in it so it's gonna be a cheese sauce we're having lasagna with a cheese sauce it just takes this lasagna up about 15 notches you saw always make it with white salsa Sarah too then one day I said why don't we put cheese in the sauce so that's another thing my father taught me the white sauce is a basis for so many sauces and cooking you make a white sauce and you can add things to it Paris Lee sauce I Paris me to make parsley sauce but today we're adding cheese to make cheese sauce I'm bit obsessed retreat so sometimes I just thought what would be either to eat so into this make a chorizo sauce would be nice would it be horrible comment below what do you think of chorizo sauce maybe it exists already I don't know those to be honest I'm not the first person to think of putting cheese and the cheese in the sauce for lasagna I saw a Jamie Oliver did with it the other day in her place watch I took my dog that way this is everybody deal with it it's a bit common thing it turns out this common thing maybe it is a common thing I don't know if you've never done it before start doing it now but make your lasagna lovely now we're still very thick here I heard that no pun intended err I meant the sauce is very thick not me and as the sauce heats up a search to cope it's going to get thicker as well so even though it might look at the moment it looks fairly good bullish its format taken off as the heat gets through and cooks it out so we're not being there by the long stretch I wouldn't say you want any more myth of underneath possibly wanna not see no I might turn it up a little bit because we're gone a little bit stale or stagnant the whole process is stagnated there's no way of judging how thick this is gonna be it's gonna thicken up a bit more there's no way it has stopped I'm just gonna leave that there you can admire my little whiskey if you like we're getting bubbles we're gettin bubbles not too bad now turn that down a bit I don't like a ferocious heat I get nervous I get nervous I'm gonna burn my sauce I don't want to burn myself you don't want me to burn myself let me burn my phone I'll burn my sauce I'm not free get off the bowl to me now next up keep that moving next up some cheese that looks quite good actually it's kind of thick it's not too thick I'm just going to lift it up off there for a second I need to get some cheese going here and the cheese is created because hello couch potatoes we get stuff done it we get stuff handy in your hand now your mouth cheesy put into this it's entirely up to yourself I would advise as much cheese as you can handle but if you're not too fond of the cheesy flavor don't worry about it I will say one thing if it hasn't changed color from pure white to something else and you've got red cheddar in it you haven't got enough cheese if you're putting white cheddar in it it will not change colour but I prefer that cheddar it's a different flavor and let's make sure cheddar cheese which is fine actually just so you know you know staying healthy staying healthy my thumb is getting sore people I told you this would be work now this is probably good enough you see having a thick sauce is great because I like to try and keep the layers of lasagna together and not have them falling together you know the ragu sauce the cheese sauce mixing you know what that was a bag of cheese there's 250 grams and a rest enjoy ourselves 250 grams upgraded mature Irish cheddar reduced fat yummy now that is not white anymore that sauce see there's still some cheesy lumps in it I'm gonna get rid of the cheesy lumps now the regular sauce has been simmering for about an hour and a half I'd say in total it's ready to go all that water I put in is all done I like to have my sauces pick as I said if that one is very kind of watery as well it will tend to mix with the dis sauce too much and when you cut into it then you won't see any nice layers brought about the layers layers are important in lasagne it is to me it's also important in geology Bosch we're only making dinner here we're not looking for dining thoughts Ben loves dinosaurs I'm off on a tangent my thumb is gonna follow us I think that's nearly good enough I don't know it's it's bordering on the thick side kind of like me whatever you see if it's too thick as well but somebody very hard to spread when you're making your lasagna so what I'm gonna do is a little bit morning got milk just sank to the bottom and you can hear it hissing now that should be workable this is workable now we've got a cheese sauce people it's a cheese sauce cheesy lasagna keel anillos cheese and he loves lasagna and since I started making the sauce with cheese that's the cheese sauce made the new sauce is ready next we're aren't you assembly it's assembly time here people it's time to get our lasagna made oh this is a tray it's going in in front of me I have two pots one of my ragout one with my cheese sauce in each one is a little this helps a lot because you can just go whoa get it in there just don't be shy at the start you want to make sure you'll get to know how much you can put into it yourselves this god am I gonna have enough sauce we'll do you don't have to put on a huge layer like this it's actually quite a lot in that to be fair I'll take a little bit out because I like to have more than one layer of lasagna who wants one layer of lasagna don't worry about spread that out too much I'll just kind of being finicky there because once it gets hot in the oven it'll all start see the steam coming off that folks that's good I like to have it half to my open that's preheated but this local save time now I used to have a thing about overlapping like that one God can't do that one okay you want to see me break lasagna sheets folks because there's no way I'm gonna overlap that much it might not cook or cook whatever your preference and if it doesn't cook or cook or in trouble now there's a first layer on next we get some cheese sauce sauce or fromage as they might say in France so I don't really know it's been a while since I studied French we're gonna lob this song la bete on people la beche see how she's going with that now we're not there yes we're not there yes we're nearly there are we there one thing I like to do is I don't like burnt designyou shoots in the outside so I like to push my sauces out if I can what I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna get my spatula and that helps to just get it going look see that do you see that non yummy not just yummy I'm putting another layer of pasta sheets on top of this now and then more sauce not a sauce over this side a lot of sauce over this I spread it out spread it out now what did I say I was gonna do I'm gonna stir it on this side now I've never done this before but I'm gonna start here maybe even things up level the playing field a little another sheep down mmm yummy what did I do should I go the other tricks I'm gonna have to watch this back as having a clue the sheets went that way didn't they nevermind maybe it's something actually maybe I've just stumbled onto something genius maybe it'll help hold the entire lasagne together Gordon Ramsay if you're watching this let me know I bet you I've stumbled onto the secret of strong lasagna not just tasty lasagna cuz this is tasty lasagna anyway no the red layer on she goes oh yeah oh that's a thick layer oh it suits me down to the ground it's thick as a double ditch a little bit more on me now you'll know yourself by what's left in your posh how many layers you can do but I know although I'm good for another one after oh my god this dish is gonna be loaded with less agony oh my I was brought up I was never a big fan of lasagna I don't know why I am now it's just so delicious I didn't like the sheets all that much they were tend to do tend to be chewy wash I don't mind chili so this way this way or this way no this way no go this way this time I think Oh look at all this it's gonna be so full of pasta doo doo doo dee doo now if the sauce was very irani that would be all coming off very easily through there as you can see it's just about Pocono so if I'm able to push it down with too much trouble any gaps fill up that yeah that'll do No what's next how about forgotten already cheese sauce on she goes cheese sauce gets tick when it cools down so it's not like you have to be quick you get quicker at these things that you go along practice makes perfect and you get less afraid this is one of yeah making white sauce and cheese sauce I don't know what I ever not be afraid of it I always kind of worry am I gonna get lumps I don't like lungs lungs are my enemy this is the last layer of cheese sauce so I don't really care I'm not being too careful now I'm not trying to save what's in the the pot I'm gonna spread yourself foot up there now got a good spread anybody out there watch bill burr it's got a good spread I'm a big fan well this cheese sauce here bill if you're ever watching it it's got a good spray it as if bill Birds everyone to watch anything you're early there I'll get another drop of that now or Sarah would say I know there's all of that another jolivet I'd like people out there to tell me what is a straw exactly because I don't think it's a thing that exists now lastly are these last layer of oh wait a minute I just forgot something I may have made a boo-boo I need more white sauce because I haven't filled this at all look I'm doing this off-the-cuff everybody I'm sorry if I've made a mistake I'm sorry you won't be watching this anyway if it's a if I've made a mistake it's not gonna be going online so it's just me talking to myself right now but I wanted more of this you see I want to fill the dish I gotta fill the dish and I'm worried that I don't have enough cheese sauce left for the top you gotta have a last layer and then put some cheese on the top just to let you know my oven is preheated you might be able to hear in the background I don't read little if you can or not well I'm scraping the barrels with this stuff but I'm being really generous there's a lot of sauce yeah that's cool that's cool now thank God it lots of pasta sheets you don't you a lot of pasta sheets make sure you get two boxes of them because you never and all you'll always have the other one for against don't risk your people I'm after risking my cheese sauce and ever hope to get a reputation doing these videos I'm risking bath too but I think I can make the cheese sauce spread and the secret to making it the last level of cheese sauce bread people is your spatula because a huge amount she sauce sticks to the side of the whatever you call it the part and so your spatula comes in handy for getting it all off you always have more than you think when it comes to cheese sauce I'm gonna write that on my grave but I won't write it I'll be dead but if I can see anything in life it's that you always have more cheese sauce than you think that's my lesson in life for your it's not quite as much of before is it we'll make it we're gonna make it see even that has a ton of cheese sauce stuck to it I'm not done with this pot just yet I'm not done really done I'm not done no no that's about all I'm getting out of that let's see how far we can make it go for us oh it's important for me to get it out to the edges because I don't want bits of pasture sticking up they become really sticky and chewy and crunchy should I say they're just not it's just not me it's not me I'm afraid we're getting there figure out their type hip-hip-hooray at the bottom give you three Cheers if you want to leave a comment because I have done your really impossible without cheese sauce but I was terrified I was so terrified oh good that is spread it is done it looks a little worse for wear over here but hey I'm in my house I'm doing this myself it's all homemade I asked Gordon Ramsay I keep mentioning him I asked him to come and help me out he said no cheese on top people cheese on top fall fast no no reduced back mature red cheddar cheese this gives a beautiful color you look all the white if you want it why not give it some color beautiful car this is just a whole dish of cheese really it's a big dish full of cheese not much else now oven is at 150 it's ready to go I'm gonna give it about 20 minutes I'd say and then I'm gonna turn the oven up so that the cheese on top or down because at 150 it'll melt all right I have the oven down law to give the pizza pasta a chance to cook without burning anything on top or any of that stuff at all but out of bubbling up too much I'm destroying my oven so we'll check it out later you

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