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【一碗vegan recipe】脆脆的红豆薄饼 crispy red bean roll *Malaysian style



hi everyone welcome back to my channel today i am going to make a super easy snack crispy red bean roll sweet dessert that make you feel happy i have the red bean paste made by myself but u can get from store as well roll in into a long roll roll roll roll roll roll roll cut into small portions (i use the back of the knife to cut @@) set aside and continue to make some more roll again prepare the spring roll wrap put the red bean paste in wrap it like an envelope (prayer sound behind) apply some water for better sticking done little one come to help me to do the rest (he always like to join my cooking) (applause for all his effort) pour some oil start frying flip the roll when the other side starting to brown take them out and ready to serve eat together with the cold red bean soup hot and cold made the best combinations sprinkle some sugar if u like to i hope you enjoy today's snack see you next time

Source: Youtube

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