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【料理僧の台所】こごみ奴 How to cook "Kogomi and Tofu"



Today I would like to make a very easy and easy "garbage guy" It's very simple to prepare May I have 3 garbage And tororo kelp is prepared

1 tofu Tofu has the word "1", but it varies depending on the region Generally, in Tokyo, there is about this size Was Kyoto bigger? Oita size is different in each area Well, roughly one If it ’s big enough for me to eat Then change this area like Shioume Then it ’s very easy to make

Kokomi I'll leave it around And then chop this stem It's called chopped or small pieces Small cuts are used to cut allium greens into thin pieces That ’s almost all I will prepare tofu on a bowl Here is Tororo Kombu I also say this when I make recipes for various dishes, such as 1 tbsp It is appropriate

I like it I love kombu I can ride it Once you have kelp on it I cut it earlier I will put the garbage on This is actually kelp after It ’s easy to get on, The food looks great That's what I say The appearance is also very important After all, it looks like green is on top I have a good appetite Like this Yes The Kogomi guy is ready

I'd like you to add soy sauce to this Then I will I love this delicious If you eat it normally, it's cold tofu Also, the bitterness of garbage A slimy texture Everything matches It's insanely delicious

This is recommended Please enjoy it by all means Today, I ’ve been making a garbage guy like this It ’s the time when I have time like this If you happen to get wild vegetables and garbage Try making a junk guy Thank you again today yeah goo re yeah Uu goo me

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New Cookery Recipes
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