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【料理僧の台所】真竹とそら豆の田楽 How to cook "Baked bamboo shoot with special Miso"



Hello AOE Satoshiho This time, I would like to continue to cook with bamboo from the previous time Here is the last bamboo I used I already used the hime skin for the plum meat I would like to come to Denraku today using this bamboo itself

How to make Dengaku is very easy I also got together I'm going to make broad beans as well Speaking of Taraku, stick it on a skewer You might think of boiled oden, but it has a very long history Originally, there was a festival called “Dagura Kagura” all over Japan The dish served at this time is stabbed on a skewer and grilled It is said that the one with miso applied came to be called "Daraku" This miso I think this is the most important thing in Denraku First of all, I would like to make from Taraku miso 3 things to prepare Mirinto Alcohol and Hatcho Miso Miso does not have to be Hatcho Miso

Put the pan on low heat and with mirin Add sake When making it carefully, boil it firmly here to remove the alcohol and then add the miso However, the water content is reduced by that amount and the miso becomes difficult to dissolve Especially Hatcho Miso has a low water content and is difficult to dissolve Once it has boiled lightly, turn off the heat and add Hatcho Miso here And I will comb it well At this time, use a rubber spatula to rub the pot skin until it melts evenly and thoroughly

I recommend this one because it's easier to make If you crush the rest with a rubber spatula Firmly like this All melted After that, I will boil it down while stirring so that it does not burn Alcohol will fly away during the boiling process Even when the heat is low Move the pot a little away from the stove By adjusting it by hand like this, you can cook with just the right amount of heat Today I use Hatcho Miso, but of course you can use other Miso instead of Hatcho Miso

Do you know Hatcho Miso? Hatcho miso is a region of Okazaki Castle Mikawa Eight places from Okazaki Castle in the Mikawa district Approximately 1 kilogram weakly made That’s why it’s called Hatcho Miso It’s very important to be careful when setting this miso on fire I'm doing it casually, but it's splashing and it's hot Please be careful not to get burned If you think you're going to get burned You just have to use the far flame and slowly add the fire I protected it and it became toro Toro Toro when it is completed I will keep it in the refrigerator for about a month so I can cook various dishes Please use Yes when the miso is over Next, let's actually try the Dalaku ware Well, I will stick the last bamboo shoot on the skewer, so I would like to hear it in a form that makes it easy to stick on the skewer

Today, I'm going to use the bath letters luxuriously, but of course it doesn't have to be this good a Bamboo skewer is okay, or gold skewer is okay The heat is electric and it is easy to get burned, so please be careful Is it about this? Let's cut it to about 1/3 the size Cut it in half vertically to make it easier to eat When you hit the skewers, be careful not to get them in your fingers Slap your mouth The house is still soft and fragile so Be careful and speak

I'm usually I think it's best to stick a skewer about a third from the cut The part of the bamboo knot that will always come out Let's use it as a dressing similar to Himekawa Then I want to do more and more Ah ah If I stab it on a skewer safely, I would like to bake it next time Let's bake the broad beans together This broad bean delicacies is my favorite dish of all delicacies Then I want to burn my studies For the toaster oven And suddenly I will put the beans in this And I will also add this bamboo shoot Probably That’s it, it’s easy

It's about 5 minutes each for soy beans If you bake until the surface of Ryo-an becomes black, it's done If you have a bake, you'll be fine if the surface has a loop or a brown mark Then includes the brown eyes How about Isn't it good? It's broad beans When the surface is so firm that it has brown eyes, turn it over

If so, it's okay if they all go black The inside is well guarded so it’s okay Then I'll bake it for a while, even with the bottle as the main body How about now? It’s good Light etc Each individual is gradually shifted with a bow and the broad beans are firmly colored in Ryo-an grilling It is becoming a burnt color I'm doing more than I am Then I would like to add taraku miso to this

Then I want to make Dengaku I will put a kitchen knife in the noodles of broad beans and this will disappear as long as I arrange most of them Cut It opens with this The part that is not rough is fine Then the contents of the broad beans will come out Usually only one is crazy, so I will dash, but to make it easier for everyone to show Should I also cut this side I knew it would cut Tanaka That's right, so the beans are really delicious in the effective portion It's surprisingly delicious if you eat it with a spoon, so please enjoy it And today, I'm hoping to go to the Mt me bach Yes 50,000 on top of this In this way, Broad Bean Dengaku is completed

Leave this once Takeraku will also apply Tarakusui in the same way I'm strong because my brother is acting other than the annual miso It's a beautiful person And it seems that sesame use is stripped off Sesame is sprinkled with ground sesame Yes, if you arrange this Yes, it’s completed like this I want to go get it I will Ah ah ah, first I will give you broad beans Ah ah goo Ah ah I caught you is strong If this is strong sweetness It might have been a waste of time with Mitsuru Denraku I guess it was delicious even with the specifications To be honest, this is the goodness of broad beans I'm honest about what 22 The water that I couldn't imagine is really delicious I'll still get some hair goto Ah ah 4 This is the correct answer for each year The scent is still pleasant when you put it in your mouth

The power of studying comes out to stand it up This is a mousse when you bend in your mouth Dude will be luxurious The picture is good So delicious Until this day I can't do it Hisaba: The delicious part is the inner part I can only get a little on the main body, but it is very delicious when I try to eat it carefully Please enjoy it delicious Broad beans, this is another berry It’s delicious I don't think it's easy to eat, but it's so delicious that once you eat it you'll be addicted Please try Today, I had the soybeans and hair of the gifts decals Thank you so much for making it so delicious Hmm me me What ni Hmm me me me me

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