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【Korean Food】 My Original Tteokbokki Recipe / Aeriskitchen’s Tip (한국어 자막 포함)



Good morning Nice to meet you

^^ Today is one of the most popular street foods in Korea I'll make tteokbokki To make broth, 2 fish cakes, 6 small pieces of kelp, Please prepare four medium sized anchovies I'll put the anchovies back into the pack Here you can pass anchovies and kelp until you like

With 2½ cups of water in the pan Fish paste, kelp, Please put anchovy pack, About 10 minutes – Please boil in strong fire I'll make some vegetables while I make the broth Slice ½ cup of onion, Slice ½ cup of carrots at an angle, Please slice one par Finally, ⅔ cup of cabbage is also a good match After 10 minutes, anchovy packs in broth, Kelp, And get rid of the fish paste

Let's use fish cake later You can throw away kelp and anchovies 3 tablespoons of red pepper paste in broth, Red pepper 1 tablespoon, 2 tablespoons of cooked or honey, Soy sauce 1 tablespoon, Sugar ½ tablespoon, Then put a tablespoon of chopped garlic ½ tablespoon Depending on your taste, you can make tteokbokki more sweet or more spicy I'm adjusting the amount of sugar and hot pepper paste

– Please boil for 5 minutes in a strong fire This is rice cake, I'll use 2 cups today Five minutes later, onion, Please put cabbage and carrots in broth Medium – Please cook for 5 minutes or until the rice cake becomes soft Cooking time can vary depending on the product

Cut the fish paste in a similar size to the rice cake When the rice cake is ripe, Put fish paste and fry for another minute Finally, add the wave and roast for another minute and turn off the light Sprinkle evenly over the rice cake before eating about 1 teaspoon of sesame seeds Bon appetite

^^ Aries Kitchen Tips! After I cooked delicious food, my kitchen, Especially the electric lens is so dirty (Amenchy ^^ :;) I have an electric lens I think it's very easy to look dirty on a glass surface So today I'm going to share a way to clean an electric lens Let's see what happens before and after cleaning First, I remove the dirtiest part of the dishwashing detergent first

Sprinkle a little detergent on the lens like this, Then bring a wet scrubber Lightly rub the surface with a soft part of a scrubber The detergent helps to evenly cover the entire lens And then, using the rough parts of the scrubbing Please clean the dirty parts You do not have to clean it completely at this stage, It's just not very hard to remove You can concentrate on the rest and wipe it off Because I used detergent It may take time to remove all the soap bubbles

Wiping with a wet towel can cause more foam So I'll give you a tip I wipe the soapy water with a dry towel Just remove the soap or dirt from the lens surface After that, you can wipe it once more with a wet towel if you wish You can make sure there is no soap on the surface

Now you can see the most dirty parts washed with detergent Sometimes, however, when it comes to oil or food There will be parts that can not be cleaned well with detergent alone I also see some areas where I need to clean up So there are other secrets to share with you That's a baking soda

Baking soda is not harmful to the human body like other lens cleaning products The price is cheap Sprinkle a little over the area where you need to wipe some baking soda Now I can better understand what parts I need to concentrate and rub I prepared a wet towel Please rub those parts with baking soda I like to draw lightly in this circle

If there is something on the surface When you rub it, you can feel that it does not rub smoothly Continue rubbing until the surface looks smooth Wipe the rest in the same way Wipe all remaining baking soda with a wet towel Finally, wipe all surfaces with a wet towel once more Please wipe dry with a dry towel

It's over now ^^ You can clean it every day using detergent, When there is a part that can not be removed by detergent alone You can use baking soda I hope my tips will help If you like my tteokbokki recipe and kitchen tips Please press "OK" button, please subscribe Thank you for watching

Then I'll see you again next week ^^

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